2 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Cleaning Services

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How often do your clean your home? Do you know how often your work office is cleaned professionally? Even if you clean your own home or you see someone cleaning your work office space, do you know how well the products work that you use? How about the cleaning methods you use? For cleaning larger spaces like businesses and office spaces, it might be best to use professional cleaning services who know commercial cleaning tips and tricks to get the job done efficiently.

If you do not have a cleaning service clean your home or janitorial cleaning services clean your office space, there are a multitude of reasons why you should consider factoring this cost into the budget. Not only do they know the best commercial cleaning tips and tricks, but also, they are likely to be more knowledgeable about the best cleaning products to use and how to clean properly.

Keep reading to learn about a plethora of reasons why a professional cleaning service might be the best choice for your home or your work space.

1. Your office space is dirtier than you think.

You have probably heard the statistic that a hotel room remote control for the TV is one of the dirtiest items you can touch. There are supposedly a multitude of germs and bacteria that live on every remote control inside a hotel room. Well, your office spaces works in a similar fashion.

For instance, all the desks in your office space probably have bacteria on them. To be exact, they each have somewhere around 10 million bacteria spreading around the desk surface at any given moment. What is shocking is that in many cases, this is more bacteria than there is on the toilet in your office space. How many more bacteria are on your desk than on the bathroom toilets? There are around 400 times more germs and bacteria on a work desk than a work toilet.

On top of that, germs can be found on nearly every other item you can think of that might be located in your office. From your phone, to your keyboard, to your chair, to your computer mouse, there are bacteria everywhere. For every square inch of space on your phone, there are estimated to be an average of 25,127 germs. When it comes to other devices in your office, there are around 21,000 germs per square inch.

2. You are more likely to get sick in a dirty space.

This might seem obvious, but you are more likely to come down with the flu or another type of illness when you spend a large amount of time in a dirty room surrounded by dirty items. It is not surprise, then, that your office space may be a location in which you can easily get sick given the number of bacteria on all the office supplies. Since flu viruses can last for 48 hours on any hard surface, you might want to consider professionally cleaning your work desk a little bit more often.

When it comes to the influenza, it is responsible for a large number of missed work days. The National Health Interview Survey actually states that there are over 200 million diminished work days and 75 million missed work days due to the influenza alone.

Not to mention, even if your office is cleaned professionally or you do your best to take care of your space, other people may not follow suit. When someone is sick, there is still a chance they will come to work rather than stay home. In fact, one in three people choose to head into work when they are sick. So, make sure you office is regularly serviced by cleaning and janitorial services who know commercial cleaning tips and tricks.

Have you found the best cleaning services or commercial cleaning tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments below what they are.

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