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Get your share of the traffic with a custom designed trade show booth

You’ve been there. As you are unpacking your company’s tired trade show booth for what seems to be the hundredth time, you look across the expo hall aisle and see the competition with its brand spanking new interactive exhibit design. You wonder when your company will wise up and spring for much needed exhibit design services. When it comes time to take your business show on the road, so to speak, this is the time to put significant time, thought, and budget into your stage presence. Custom exhibits help your company get its share of the spotlight at trade conventions. […]

Future of the Internet Doesn’t Look too Good

Sending a card is great. You can express just about every single emotion through a card. There are reminder cards, welcome cards, get well soon cards, personalized sympathy cards like pet sympathy cards for veterinarians, and other even more specific cards. Technology now enables us to send even more specific cards over the Internet and it’s pretty great. One of the more difficult aspects of the Internet in regards to all this information sharing going on, is the ability to decipher sarcasm. Being able to

9 Types of Shipping Containers that Could Work for You

If you are looking to buy used shipping containers, then you might be interested to know all the different kinds that are available to you. Steel shipping containers themselves have a lot of different categories that they fall into. You can get everything from 40 foot shipping containers to steel cargo containers and more. There are many used steel storage containers for sale, you just have to know what you are looking for and what will best serve your needs. Here are some of your options as far as steel s

Scrolling Marquee Signs Catch the Public’s Attention

God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called Blessed to be a Blessing Church marquee signs can be both inspirational and informative. Like any sign, church signs are meant to be noticed. Outdoor church signs can be placed on buildings, lit up, or run flashing messages. Indoor church signs can direct visitors to the chapel, lead early morning worshippers to the coffee bar, and run constant video announcements at the welcome center. Although the churches are not always seen as entities that need to advertise as such, every kind of gathering place needs to find a way to […]

Do Your Technological Skills Make You a Prime Candidate for any Field?

That ten year anniversary Mediterranean cruise was a small glimpse into what would later be called the Internet of Things (IOT). The cruise was a celebration of your wedding anniversary, but you left on the trip with some bizarre goals. Since you were leaving your two-year old daughter at home with your parents, your wife wanted to create a photographic alphabet of all of the things you would see and the places you would visit. Your wife reasoned that sometimes it is difficult to know what to take pictures of when you travel, so the alphabet could help direct what […]

The Secrets Behind A Pristine Driveway

In a way, you could consider your driveway a part of your home’s first impression. It is after all where any visitors first go when approaching your home; and it’s a part of your daily life. Not only should your driveway be practical and convenient — you’ll also want it to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Should you have in mind the idea of a new driveway — or the need for driveway repairs — it’s important to know that there are contractors available and ready to help. A new driveway or a driveway repair is a job for experienced […]

How to Protect Your Establishment from Fires

All businesses, schools, homes, churches or any facility or establishment should have decent fire protection systems installed. This is just common sense. Fires are much more common than we would like to think especially is places that have large kitchens like restaurants and hotels. If you do not have a good fire prevention system in place, then not only are you likely violating the law but you are putting a lot of people’s lives in danger. Here are a few systems or methods that can be employed in order to ensure fire safety protocols. Fire sprinkler inspections

Protect Your Home or Business With a Security System

Theft is a problem, both in homes and in businesses. Burglaries account for about $4.5 billion in property losses annually, with three-fourths of that coming from residential break-ins. Alarm systems can’t stop every theft from happening, but they are a good deterrent. Here are some of the different types of alarm and security systems available to homes and businesses. Sound-based verified alarms are sophisticated alarm systems that allow security companies to listen in if the alarm is triggered. Using the audio feed allows them to tell whether there is an actual intrusion in process or whether it is a false […]