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5 Ways to Stay Safe on the Construction Site

Construction can be a dangerous job. Part of the boss’ job is to make sure that everyone is kept safe and protected. It’s not even just for the benefit of those that are working on the construction site. If safety protocols like web slings and hard hats are not followed, it could also put pedestrians and drivers in danger if the site is near traffic. Here a few ways that you can make sure everyone is staying safe while working. Wearing the Proper Gear Hard hats, gloves, steel toed boots; all of these are necessary when working in a construction […]

The Benefits of Using Portable Offices at the Job Site

It’s fairly normal these days for companies to have employees that have to work away from the physical office building during projects for a period of time. A good example of this is a supervisor or foreman on a construction site. They still need to be able to take care of their regular office duties during this time so often times they will try to set up some sort of temporary office at the site. This can cost the company a lot of money as the worker travels back and forth between the main office and the job site for […]

Hate Your Cubicle? Turn a Shipping Container Into a Portable Office!

There are some people in the workforce who enjoy working in a cubicle… but for the rest of us, working in this type of environment can be a bit of a drag. Since tiny homes are all the rage, more people are trying out unconventional tiny work spaces, too. Those who like to work alone (and who have an interest in going green) might want to consider this unique twist on recycling: turning a used shipping container into a portable office. Of the 17 million shipping containers that currently exist in the world, only about 6 million of these are […]

Three Rights You Should Know That You Have Before Being Arrested

Have you been given a one-way ticket through the criminal justice system? When you get yourself into legal trouble, whether you committed the crime you’re being charged with or not, it is important to know that you have civil rights. Understanding your rights when you are arrested is important for protecting yourself and getting the best possible outcome in your case. The criminal justice system has checks and balances put in place to serve justice to criminals, but also to protect everyone’s rights — even the rights of the perpetrators of the crimes. Whether your criminal justice issue are white […]

Create a Winning Government Contract Proposal With These 3 Tips

When it comes to government contracting, competition is fierce. The only way to win the job you want is to write a superior federal contracting proposal. Here are three tips for doing just that. The price is right. Government contract pricing is a delicate balancing act. Government agencies are not necessarily looking for the lowest offer; rather, they are more likely to choose a contractor they can trust. Someone who guarantees they can complete the work for suspiciously low prices? Not only does that sound a little fishy, but it can also indicate that the contractor d

Protect Your Business When You Accept Credit Cards with These Tips

If you run a business that sells items, you need to be careful when you take payments online. It is nearly impossible to do this kind of business without taking credit cards. The problem is that chargebacks and credit card fraud are major problems for retailers around the world. Globally, more than $16.3 billion was lost to credit card fraud in 2014. In the United States alone, credit card fraud costs the economy $8 billion each year. Nearly 12% of all cases of credit card fraud are from payments on websites. Chargebacks are one of the ways people perpetrate fraud […]

6 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

Most people like to do things to help others. The problem is that many people are not sure how they can help. People want to make disabled veterans donations, for instance, but do not have lot of money. There are ways of helping disabled veterans even if you do not have money to spare. 1. You can donate clothing. Nearly 10.5 million tons of used clothing is sent to landfills by Americans every year. The typical person the United States throws away almost 70 pounds of textiles and clothing each year. When you throw away used clothing and it ends […]

Construction Lighting Portable And Energy Efficient

Lighting can make a huge difference. A dimly lit space is difficult to navigate, whether you’re indoors and outdoors. For artists — of more traditional mediums and otherwise — report being unable to do their work without the right level of lighting. Chefs can’t cook if they can’t see properly within their workspaces. God knows that medical professionals need the best possible lighting! But with that being said, perhaps the most important thing to remember when regarding proper lighting is how necessary it is outdoors at night. More occupation requires outdoor work than you might expect. Perhaps those who have […]

Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy With a Home Water Treatment System

Poets often get it right, needing only a few words to put the larger issues of life in perspective. Thus W.H. Auden wrote that “…putting first things first: Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” Water is what sustains life. Pure drinking water is not a luxury, but a necessity. Impure drinking water is a leading cause of mortality in poorer countries. In the U.S., impurities in drinking water can have chemical or biological origins, but both can endanger health. In home water purification systems that filter water at the point of use are the only way to […]

Proper Tool Management Will Save You Money and Time

Is your business a part of the manufacturing sector? If it is, you probably use a variety of cutting tools, cutting tool technology and other engineer tools to get your work done. Keeping track of your tools may not be the most fun part of your job but it is important. First of all, no one wants these expensive pieces of equipment to wander off on their own. In the second place, when your workers have to spend a lot of time hunting for the tool that they need, their productivity is shot. A good tool management system is a […]