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Do You Have the Things That You Need to Send Your Children Back to School?

How many days until your children start school? Do you have a few weeks, or just a few days, of summer left? Schools across the country will kick back into gear in the next month. While some schools in the midwest will be starting this week, some states require that public schools wait until after Labor Day to get started And while many families are sad to see the summer days end, other families are anxious to return to the school schedule. These families anxious for school, however, may not be wanting the the schedule to start because the are […]

4 Benefits of Making Charity Clothing Donations

The average American today buys twice as much clothing as his or her counterpart did 20 years ago. A lot may have changed between now and the 90s, but wearing more clothes isn’t on of them. A suit is still a jacket and slacks and we still only have two hands and feet. We’re not even doing that weird wearing dresses with jeans thing anymore. So what are we doing with all these extra clothes? Sending them to the landfill. Every year, 10.5 billion tons of clothing makes its way to our landfills. This comes from the nearly 70 pounds […]

4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

In this day in age, it seems that everyone has a social media account. From your grandmother to your dog, everyone is able to be connected via the Internet from all over the globe. And for a small business, digital marketing through social media can be a powerful tool to help grow your company. Here are some ways social media management can help your business grow exponentially. 1. Boosts your visibility Social media will help boost your visibility online as you will be able to broadcast your company and your values to everyone on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is […]

3 Benefits of Digital Printing

We don’t often think about how advertising impacts the way we think and operate, but there is no doubt that it does have a very real effect on what and where we choose to consume. If you are a business owner, your probably think a lot about how you can increase brand awareness and increase leads, among many ways, through printed products. Promotional materials, signs, and flyers may seem passe, but the truth is that they really do work! 76% of small businesses have expressed that their perfect marketing strategy would include both print and digital communications. Check out all […]

Why Galvanized Steel Is One of the Best Building Materials Around

Steel is a great construction material. Steel as a material is very environmentally friendly. It is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. At least 88% of all steel that is used on Earth is recycled, according to the American Iron andamp; Steel Institute. Old, recycled stock and byproducts are the source of about two out of every three tons of “new” steel. While steel’s resistance is higher than many other similar materials, stainless steel expands and contracts in response to temperature changes. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is made of steel and it is a full six […]

Understanding the History of the Trade Show

You want to send people to a trade show to increase awareness of your brand. This is not an idea that is unique to you and your company. Every year, United States businesses spend more than $24 billion on trade show exhibit booth designs and other expenses related to attending these events. This often represents about 32% of their marketing budget. Ironically, at least 70% of these companies have no idea what they expect to accomplish at the trade shows they attend. Trade shows and similar events are considered to account for the second highest growth area for media spending […]