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3 Steps to Making Sure You are in Compliance When Handling Hazardous Chemicals

If you were asked to respond with exactly how many different kinds of chemicals you had on site, would you be able to honestly answer? Do you even know how many researchers on your site are handling potentially dangerous and hazardous chemicals and materials? Would be able to name all the safety codes that you are adhering (or not adhering) to? In order to have a safe and high functioning for obtaining good research, you need to make sure that you inventory management is efficient. Did you even know that there are fire codes that require you to make sure […]

Report Thermal Spray Coating Expected to Replace Hard Chrome Plating and Grow Exponentially By 2024

According to a report by Persistence Market Research (PMR), thermal spray coatings will replace hard chrome plating when applying wear-resistant coatings to aircrafts. The report, titled, “Global Market Study on Thermal Spray Coatings: Industry Analysis and Forecast, 2016?2024? predicts that thermal spray industrial coatings will be valued at $7.6 billion by the end of 2016, growing 5.6% over 2015. Hard chrome coatings contain hexavalent chromium, which can cause serious health risks. The environmental risk factors have caused many industries to turn away from c

Three Tips for Online Marketing Today

In the exponentially evolving world of internet technology and digital marketing, how can businesses and creators keep up with their online platforms? When it comes to web design, for instance, a website that hasn’t been updated for a couple years might already be outdated due to changes in software, web browsers, and industry standards. Not long ago most websites weren’t formatted to be user friendly on mobile devices, but now that so many internet users access sites with smartphones the industry has had to adapt. If you design websites or want some advice on how to make your company’s website […]

Four Things to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service? No matter what business or industry you’re in, the cleanliness of your business is the very first impression that your clients or potential clients have of you. When your business is dusty, dingy, and poorly kept, it tells your potential customers that your standard of quality is low. In reality, you might work very hard to provide an excellent product or service, but it leaves you with very little time to deep clean your premises. This is why commercial cleaning services are worth their weight in gold. Using a commercial cleaning service […]

Fire Sprinklers Are Only as Good As Their Last Inspection Says Fire Protection Companies

Fire sprinklers are an important component of any commercial fire protection system. At their most basic level, these fire protection services work by discharging water or chemicals when a fire is detected. Often, a fire sprinkler is activated when the temperature in an area exceeds the threshold, as well as when other effects of a fire have been detected. This life saving technology has been around for centuries, protecting residential and commercial properties alike. The Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Inspection A fire can ignite an entire room within minutes. When you add furnishing to the mix, a fire can spread […]

7 Reasons and Way to Hire Professional Cleaning Services

There are a lot of benefits to getting professionals to clean the flooring. Carpet cleaning services can do a more thorough job than homeowners. At the office, it is essential to have a carpet cleaning services company come in and do the work. It might not seem like it but your dirty desk is dirtier than your toilet seat. It can have as much as 400 time more bacteria than the toilet seat. Chemicals used in cleaning houses and offices cause a rise in indoor air pollution as much as 100 times what the outside air pollution is, according to […]

When Industrial Coatings Go Wrong — And How to Make Them Right

Working with PTFE coatings or industrial Teflon coatings can be difficult for the novice. There are so many nuances and factors that could go wrong in the Teflon coating process that even the smallest of slips or mishaps can leave behind mistakes. A word to the wise: hiring professional industrial coating services can help DIYers avoid such costly mistakes. But hindsight is 20/20. Here are some common coating problems you might face, and what you can do to fix them: Blisters: Surface blisters can be caused by applying too much coating or by evaporation that has happened too quickly because […]

Take Preventative Measures–Consult with a Fire Alarm Contractor

High-rise fires occur in apartment and office buildings, hotels, and various types of medical facilities. According to a survey of 119 businesses, however, just 35% had a fire evacuation plan in place. If all buildings used the services of a fire alarm contractor and had a combination of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems, then it could make a major impact. Injuries, fatalities, and property damage could be reduced by a minimum of 50%. When commercial buildings have outdated or malfunctioning equipment, immediate action needs to be taken to remedy this situation by consulting with a fire alarm contractor.