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Five Interesting Facts About Steel

Let’s talk about steel. Steel is one of the most versatile and recyclable metals on our green Earth. It’s so interesting, we’ve put together a list of five interesting facts that you didn’t know. Five Interesting Facts About Steel It comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes. If you don’t specifically work in the industry, you might not realize that there are thousands of different grades of steel. You might know about galvanized, and maybe stainless. What else is there? Actually, more than 3,500 different grades, to be exact. This is because steel lends itself to alloys well […]

When Was the Last Time Your Group Had to Find a Printing Service for a Major Project?

The rebranding process was a success. It involved many meetings, lots of trips to and from the printing company and a pretty decent sized budget, but in the end the group achieved their goal. Forced to rename their show choir competition because they were sued by another competition four states away, the high school show choir committee was still shaking their head that it had come down to this, but they had made the best of a strange and difficult situation. In many ways the event was like every other one the group had hosted in the last ten years, […]

Resolving the Customer Conundrum With High Quality of Customer Service and Satisfaction

For many businesses, one of those things that can sometimes become a little difficult to resolve and fully understand is the customer conundrum. Indeed, many businesses have had to face failure due to their inability to solve this conundrum and to employ adequate measures to acquire new customers and also keep their existing customers happy and satisfied. For this reason, providing an excellent customer experience is something that every business needs to focus on as a crucial business process. Keeping customers happy is something that takes a lot of effort and innovation, and is by no means an easy task. […]

Steel, Gearboxes, and Analyzing Your Machines

Did you know about the importance of steel in the modern economy? While steel has been around for over multiple millenia and that the process of making carbon steel has been around for at least 2,000 years in East Africa, steel plays a vital role in today’s economy, from farm equipment to the actual workers employed in the steel industry. For instance: Two to three million people are employed are directly employed in the steel industry. There are an additional six million employed in supporting roles. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, with 90% recycled material. Steel […]

5 Tips to Help When You Want to Buy Used Storage Containers

There are a lot of shipping containers traveling around the world and many of them are not being used. While there are more than 17 million shipping containers, only six million of those are actually being used. This means that 11 million steel shipping containers are sitting around and not being used for anything at all. From storage to housing, to mobile offices these could be used for a host of things. Peter Thiel, of PayPal, wants to use these shipping containers to create floating communities in the ocean, for example. If you need containers, you may be looking to […]

35% Of Customers Would Not Have Found A Business Without Its Sign What You Need To Know

What’s in a sign? This is a question you need to start asking yourself. The new year stops for nobody, after all, and businesses small and large are all scrambling to get their foot in the door as the market continues to change. Commercial business signs are the very definition of a first impression and one you absolutely don’t want to squander when you’re trying to make money. They require a mixture of solid technology, attractive design and useful placement in order to function to the fullest — likewise, neglecting any of these necessities can see you losing money and […]

How Groundwater Remediation Services Help Preserve a Vital Resource

Groundwater is one of our most important natural resources and constitutes nearly 95% of all available fresh water resources in the U.S. For more than half the population, it is the only source of drinking water and water for all domestic uses. Groundwater contamination can occur in a number of ways. In particular, industrial processes and facilities, if improperly managed, can lead to groundwater depletion or pollution. The importance of groundwater Even though the earth is a water planet, only 3% of the total is fresh water. Most of this is locked up in the ice caps, leaving only a […]

7 Tips for Finding the Best Private School Cleaning Services Company

It is a well known fact that schools are breeding grounds for germs. The University of Minnesota looked at how diseases are spread and found that all of the most common kind germs are passed from person to person is from the nose, mouth and and eyes. People handing good can transmit any infectious diseases they are harboring. Children pass them to their teachers, siblings, parents and others when they become infected. People can even get illnesses from their animals. So hiring the right private school cleaning services company can keep illnesses down, which also lowers the amount of time […]

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Binding Machine

Are you on the hunt for the perfect binding machine? No matter what you need the perfect binding machine for, the quality of your documents matters, and so the quality of the perfect binding machine matters also. Your perfect binding machine will ideally last for a long time, provide great quality output, and is versatile enough to meet your needs as they change. In order to help you find the perfect binding machine for all of your binding needs, we’ve put together a list of factors to consider: Factors to Consider Before Purchas

4 Things to Ask About When Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Business

There are many types of cleaning services that are available these days, depending on what you need to have cleaned. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service to clean up your office, school, church or place of business then there are some general things that you can look out for that will help narrow down your options. There are many benefits of hiring a cleaning company but there can also be some negative factors if you don’t do your research and hire the right company. Here are some tips for hiring a cleaning company. Ask About Green Cleaning […]