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Four Tips for Reducing Business Shipping Costs

The internet has opened up so many business opportunities and has provided businesses all over the world with endless customer options. The internet allows you to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can make a profit, without ever having to open a storefront. However, any business owner will understand the high costs of shipping and some of the troubles that are associated with shipping items across the world. Consider the following money saving shipping tips. Charge the buyer for shipping In some cases, charging the buyer for shipping costs is acceptable. This is usually true when shipping items […]

Importance of Environmental Consulting to Cut Down On Pollution

Although industrial factories have decreased the sheer amounts of pollution they produce each year, in certain parts of the world, both in developed and non-developed countries, these factories still contribute significantly to the global pollution. Pollution, on a global scale, remains an epidemic and it’s important for everyone, from organization CEOs and individual employees, to do everything in their power to help decrease pollution and improve the environment. On the business level, civil engineering firms that offer professional environmental consulting can help your company improve its carbon footprint and dec

Why Recycling is Important

In the United States, the plastics industry is the third-largest manufacturing industry, and the plastics industry employs approximately one million workers and contributes $375 billion to the economy. This isn’t surprising considering that Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. While it’s true that plastics and plastic bottles are wreaking havoc on our environment, their convenience is undeniable. Injection molding and plastic manufacturing facilities can be found throughout the country in all 50 states. There are nearly 16,000 facilities in the United States that manufacture things such as colored bottles, plastic handleware, plastic chemical jars, wide mouth jars and […]

Church Congregation Throws Shade at the Chargers Following Move to LA

On any given day you will see outdoor LED signs for businesses, churches, schools, and even along the highway. While these signs are often informative — even inspirational — there are a select few that really stand out and get real attention. Last month, a church marquee sign made an unexpectedly sly comment against the now-Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers, which were formerly native to San Diego, are making the move to LA next season. This move has put team owners, executives, and fans at odds with the NFL. Many have completely denounced the team, and some have even burne

5 Expansions that All High School Buildings Need

Ah, high school. A time that defines us and disgusts us. As teenagers we are just starting down the path of adulthood. The students are focused on their own personal lives and on their studies as a second thought. The teachers are focused on getting their students to care about their studies more, and the administration want the best out of the prior two. The question is, how does one get the best out of all three? What can be done to make the high school experience a more pleasant and smoothly running process? Technological advances and the expansion of […]

Do You Want to Help Disabled Veterans? Donate Your Unused Clothes and Household Items

When you make clothing donations to The Military Order of the Purple Heart, you are helping veterans, their families, as well as the blind. Charitable clothing donations assist this organization with providing health, education, and family support programs for all veterans, especially those that have been wounded or are disabled as a result of serving their country. The Military Order of the Purple Heart is also concerned with the environment. As a result, they recycle clothing, household items, and electronics so that they don’t end up in landfills. GreenDrop collects items on behalf of The Military Order of the Purple […]