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Why We Must Protect Our Groundwater

We need to protect our water. We only have a finite amount of it and it seems that the amount keeps changing by the day. If we want to keep our planet safe and healthy, we must keep our water safe from things like coal ash wastewater and groundwater pollution. But why do we need groundwater? Here’s a list of four reasons why. Drinking Water Our bodies are made of 70%. We need to continuously replenish that water. but if our world one day has to face groundwater depletion, we would be in grave danger. Sadly, this is a possibility […]

Air Or Ocean? The Best Transportation Methods For Small To Large Businesses

What shipping solutions do you rely on for your business? Do you worry about the quality of the transport you’re using? Purchasing agent responsibilities is necessary to stave off daily stress and cultivate peace of mind when you send out customer purchases or essential supplies. Air and ocean cargo are but a few of the options you can use at your disposal, with door to door delivery and point-to-point express financially viable choices for small and large businesses alike. If you’re unsure how these work and what they’ll offer your client base, take a glance below to learn more about […]

Recycling and reusing waste heat as a means of environmental consciousness

Research into methods that preserve and innovate in energy efficiency through after coolers has exploded in the past couple decades. All manner of heavy and light industry have to had this research into account when considering their environmental impact. One of the most exciting breakthroughs in this area has been shell and tube heat exchangers, which takes excess heat from other processes and reuses it as an additional means of power. These machines, Munters, Fabsco, Elanco, etc, are revolutionizing the way that industries power themselves and r

Increasing Customer Service Experiences as a Small Business Owner

There are many factors that customers consider when deciding if they like a business. These factors may differ on the specific individual, but as a whole, customers expect a good product or service, great customer service, and the process with which any problems or concerns are handled. In order for a business to successfully meet all of these criteria, they need to be available. Availability is the basis for exceptional customer service, as well as the ability to assist when needed. Although it can be difficult for a single business owner to be available 24 hours per day and 7 […]

Protecting Classified Information With Access Control Systems

An access control system can be a home security system or a business security system installed to allow access to a premises or classified data that is contained within that structure. This same method is also used to deny access to data locked within the system. With approximately 18 million home security systems that currently exist within the United States, an access control system is essential. However, in spite of the added security, it is estimated that amateur offenders are the ones who actually carry out 85% of break-ins to homes and businesses. In addition, 30% of these are done […]

4 Reasons Why Electronic Billing Is The Right Choice

In the battle between electronic billing and paper billing, it might just be the time for electronic billing to shine. There are several reasons to consider electronic billing over paper billing and a lot of them after to do with being easier to access and easier to finance. If you want to read even more on the topic, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of four reasons why electronic billing might just be the right choice for you. These four benefits can help you decide if it’s time to transfer over. Save Trees The first […]

How a Shipping Container can Transform to Home Sweet Home

As the old saying goes, there is nothing like home sweet home. A home can mean many thing to many people. Usually when children are asked to draw a home they usually list towards the conventional form of a square structure with a triangular roof, but in this day and age the shape of the modern home is changing drastically. In the last few years there has been a push by new home owners to think outside the box when it comes to creating their ideal homes. For example many people are using new and reclaimed materials to create their […]

Experiencing Excessive Employee Turnover? Hire an Executive Business Coach

How often do you experience employee turnover? If you’re seeking creative solutions to minimize or eliminate employee turnover, you may be concerned about how this can potentially impact your business. You may also be curious as to why some employees leave their positions while others choose to remain. Identifying the Costs of Employee Turnover In addition to affecting workplace efficiency and effectiveness, there are also financial costs to employee turnover. A recent survey showed that some organizations are unaware of these direct and indirect costs. It was found that just 17% of the companies surveyed were aware of the direct […]

Five Reasons Your Website Needs Better SEO

Technology is changing the way that people locate information about a business. The days of phone books and billboards have started to become replaced by a properly optimized and designed website. A study shows that 46% of people state that the design of a website is their top factor in determining how credible a company is. Considering how important the website of a business is to customers, you don’t want to skimp on creating a quality website experience. Here are five reasons that your website must be properly optimized for search engines. Keyword Research – When a person goes to […]

Are You Looking for a New Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business?

Your business got off to a great start, but the last few months have been very slow. Your essay writing customers have not been calling. The students who need help with their ACT preparation are busy getting ready for their finals and are not really focusing on the test that is still two months away. In short, things have really slowed down and you are looking for a way to get things rolling again. From designing new floor sign holders to creating flyers for acrylic poster frames, both small and large businesses can make many different marketing pieces to help […]