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Understanding the Basics of the PCB Manufacturing Process

The world has advanced technologically substantially over the past few years. Not only are projects more advanced and science driven, but the process of which we design and then print these projects are also advanced. The prototype PCB is how most electronic projects come to completion. However, there are a lot of steps in between the initial design process and the final prototype PCB print. Differences in materials used There are many differences in the types of materials that are used to complete PCB layouts. Different materials are often tested and then the best type is chosen for the final […]

How Safe Is the Water That Your Family Drinks?

From the latest posts about the number of people in Puerto Rico who still do not have access to clean water to the celebrations that the nation is having after hurricane ravaged Houston is having after winning the World Series, water purification is a current topic. Water softener systems for homes and in home water purification systems can help Americans take control of the water that they use in their home. Few things are more important than clean water and in a time when natural disasters are playing havoc with water systems and city infrastructures are failing, it should come […]