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Hiring and Retaining Well Qualified Employees

Are you having difficulty keeping well qualified employees in your workforce? The costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of an employee?s salary. In fact, $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover. There are solutions for this problem if you consider staffing companies to work with you. An employment agency has solutions for staffing your business. They have many qualified persons who are looking for opportunities for employment. More than three million temporary and contract employees work for America?s staffing companies during an average week. Statistics show that 22% of new hires leave their jobs within […]

Making a Difference in Carbide Recycling

What is Tungsten Carbide? It is a chemical compound that combines tungsten and carbon atoms. It comes as a tungsten carbide powder in natural form, but can be pressed in machinery processes to make virtually anything you’re looking for. Today we will teach you a bit about tungsten carbide, from facts you may have never known, to why your scrap carbide is important to us as a scrap carbide recycling company. Everything You Need to Know About Tungsten Carbide Tungsten is used in a variety of products today, which is why we buy your leftover carbide scrap to make all […]