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The Power of Charitable Giving

Helping someone else is always a gratifying experience. It is always a win-win, especially if that person is less fortunate than you are. When you donate clothes, you especially set off a ripple effect that can go around the world, benefitting the environment in the process, as well. Americans alone donate clothes totaling about 4.7 billion pounds to charity organizations a year. They also send about 10.5 million tons of textiles to the landfill every year. This can be improved upon, as only 15 percent of used clothing in America is recycled or donated. Although this amount can be improved […]

Finding the Right Printed Circuit Board Provider Is an Essential Part of the Research and Development Process

Prototype circuit boards are the technology behind many of the gifts that people will be opening this holiday season. From cell phones to tablets and from video games to the latest combination crock pots and pressure cookers, prototype circuit boards provide the technology that we all depend upon. And while we are often focused on the size of the screen that we want for our latest technology of the size of the cooking container for the latest device, the real thing that matters is the technology inside that allows these items to function. In a time when technology seems to […]

Your Electronic Design Guide

As we head into the holiday season, there will be many electronics purchased. Parents will gift their children with the latest mobile phone and tablet devices. Spouses will gift their significant other with musical players. Even grandparents will purchase new desktop computers to keep in touch with their growing grandchildren. Do you know how any of these electronic devices work? Do you know the process that it takes to create an electronic product from the initial idea to the final electronic item? This prototype PCB guide will allow you to learn about the design of your favorite electronic items. The […]

Street Sweepers, the Key to Beautifying a City

A lot of effort goes into keeping a city clean. One particular service that goes a long way in improving the appearance of a town is parking lot sweeping, but what is it, exactly? For starters, street sweepers are tasked with cleaning and maintaining streets. Typically it’s a service more often found in urban areas with a lot of traffic. Though street sweeping was first developed in the 19th century, modern street sweepers have come a long way in terms of technology. Today, many sweepers are mounted on trucks and can actually vacuum debris from streets and parking lots. The […]

Out With The Old, In With The New How The Modern Printed Circuit Board Is Made

The printed circuit board is a complex piece of hardware. Thanks to the ingenuity of countless programmers and engineers we’re able to enjoy long-distance technology, advanced programs and, of course, our favorite iPhone app. But how are circuit boards made? Just like crafting anything else, learning about the development of this essential slice of everyday life starts with the materials. The very best printed circuit board is born through a result of skilled engineers and manufacturing plants choosing products that will last. Quick Facts Circuit board prototyping has never looked better. The past three decades have seen PCB assemblies being […]

3 Easy Ways to Protecting Groundwater

Groundwater contamination is the leading cause of water pollution all around the world. The contamination not only makes clean water, dirty water, but ingesting water that has been polluted can be seriously harmful to one’s health. In order to have clean water, one must take the proper steps to preventing the contamination of groundwater. Often times, groundwater care is neglected, as many people focus mainly on taking care of surface water pollution. However, by neglecting groundwater, one can ultimately produce more contamination. To prevent the contamination, there are a few things that can be done. Let’s take a look at […]

Five Important Tasks of Human Resource Teams

As a business begins to expand, it needs to bring on additional departments to keep up with changing business needs. One of the most important departments to focus on when growing a business is the human resources staff. While many people believe that HR is solely responsible for hiring and firing, they are a much more integral part of the business and its overall success. Finding high quality employees Human resources staff are responsible for hiring and firing. Because your business can only be as successful as your employees, this is an extremely important task. You are entrusting some of […]

5 Ways to Check the Quality of Your Water

While the earth is covered in a lot of water, too many people lack access to it. It has been estimated that about 3.1% of deaths that occur each year are due to the lack of access to clean water. Nearly 2.5 billion people cannot get clean water. While residents of the United States are lucky to have better sources of water, using water quality indicators is still something people should get into the habit of doing. Even the nation’s capital is not immune to bad water. Several years ago, people who live there were forced to take extra steps […]

Shipping Containers Eco-Friendly Housing

Every freight ship that sails across the ocean has a particular quality: shipping containers. These units, which are sometimes uniform and sometimes not, traffic goods from around the globe. They are the search engine that drives companies in American that have outsourced manufacturing and productions costs to companies overseas. Some shipping containers have lasted decades. They are wide and spacious. For instance, take the case of the 20 foot shipping container. The 20 foot shipping container is standard on freight ships. It holds 1,150 cubic feet. Its cousin, the 40 foot shipping container 2,700 cubic feet. For reference, that is […]

How Clothes Donations to Veterans can Make a Difference

Clothes are an interesting commodity in the United States. Due to the varying seasons, the changing trends, and other factors, Americans are constantly buying and discarding clothes, which creates a enormous problem, but an equally enormous opportunity. On average, Americans buy 70 pounds of clothes, linens, and other fabric products each year, which is more than double what they purchased 20 years ago. Roughly 5% of municipal waste is made up of fabric from these clothes and linens being thrown away. By donating clothes, Americans can reduce waste going to landfills while helping veterans. Currently Americans donate or recycle roughly […]