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What to Know About Building Custom Screws

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get a custom screw made instead of relying on the options that are out there. This is particularly in the case of micro screws when the options out there are just too big for what you’re looking to do. Undersized screws provide more building freedom without having to work within any constricting parameters. The smaller the screws that are available, the smaller devices that engineers can create. Screws are often made with low to medium carbon steel wire, but sometimes they’re made with materials such as brass, nickel alloys, or aluminum alloy. The key is […]

Why Reuseable Packaging is the Best Option Out There

When it comes to packaging, many people don’t realize the benefits that come with choosing recycled packaging. Some worry that the quality will degrade and not be as high as other packaging options, while others just don’t understand how important it is to choose recycled options. Reusable clamshell packaging and even a fishing utility box can all be made with recycled materials. Here’s a look at why these options are the best choices out there. Reuseable Packaging is the Best Option for the Enviornment using plastic materials that are recycled can help save the world, even when it doesn’t seem […]