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Flooring Choices Add to the Value of a Home

The houses that we live in do a really good job of covering up the bones that serve as the most basic structure for our homes. Wood floors are the visible part of a layered system that starts with corrugated floor decking products. Painted drywall covers the wooden lumber that is the basic part of the most basic building process. Siding covers the insulation and sealants that keep our homes energy efficient. In fact, the goal of any home builder is to allow the buyer to have their say in the top layer of materials that are visible, but not […]

Vaccines Their History, Importance, and Storage

There are few things as important to medical safety as ensuring that vaccines stay safe. A pharmacy grade refrigerator or medical refrigerator play a key roll in this protection. The History of Vaccines The earliest vaccine was developed in 1796 by Edward Jenner. At the time, smallpox was one of the most dangerous killers of children, with a death rate of about 30%. The Chinese had practiced exposing people to a small amount of the virus, which, when successful resulted in lifetime immunity. However, this method also could result in a severe infection and the person so inoculated was also […]

Four Ideas For Improving Your School’s Scrolling Signage

Marquee signs for schools are a great idea. After all, the evidence shows that they really do get noticed. Polls show that 58% of people learn about something they’re interested in from a billboard, and more than a third of people say that they read outdoor ads every time they pass them. An even larger number, 71%, say that they often look at those digital signs and electronic message boards for schools or businesses, as well as at traditional signage. The danger of all these marquee signs for schools is that they become boring and predictable. In fact, who hasn’t […]