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Is A Modular Office The Best Space For You And Your Business

Are you looking for a new place to put your office but are worried that whatever structure you pick is going to need more work than you can put into it? Are you the type of person who likes to move your business around a lot? Or do you just prefer to have everything simple and do not want to invest in the whole large set up of finding a building and putting all of the fixings into it. An environmental alternative to the hassle of finding a new office building is a modular warehouse office. A modular office building […]

Implementing Human Error Reduction Tools in the Workplace

Studies show that nine out of ten workplace accidents, as well as 23% of unplanned work downtime, results from human error. Human error isn’t the result of sabotage, malice, or idiocy, though–many of these slips, lapses, and mistakes occur when employees are stressed and working beyond capacity. Employers can increase workplace efficiency by implementing human error reduction tools, which are management tools that take human error into account and work around it. Here are some of the most important rules of thumb that managers can start to implement right away. Coach, Console, Punish Humans are just that, they’re human. They’re […]

When Should You Look Into A Staffing Agency For Your Next Position?

So you’ve decided to get back on the horse and find yourself a position that you actually enjoy. The only problem has been that finding said job to help you flourish in your career has seemed to be a nearly impossible task. What do you do when you have all of the skills needed to land a job but no one seems to be taking your applications seriously? Did you know that 22% of people who have been hired in new positions leave within 45 days of being hired because they have found positions that just aren’t right for them? […]

Taking A Look At The World Of Shipping And Transportation Here In The United States

From a broker system to transportation management software, the world of transportation is one that has needed to adapt to the demand that has been placed upon it in recent years. With the LTL industry already at a market worth of thirty five billion dollars, the transportation industry of the United States has become incredibly necessary and incredibly vital to the growth of all different kinds of industries all throughout the entirety of the country. For one, ecommerce is incredibly reliant on the transportation industry of the United States, often necessitating the need for a broker system and various types […]