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Concrete From Industry Highlights to Sidewalk Repair and Other Paving Services

Concrete roads are a common sight. Many people may not know, however, that Detroit was the first city to have a concrete road installed. This one-mile long road was constructed in 1909, and cost $13,492.83. Currently, about 30% of the interstate highways throughout the United States have concrete pavement. Paving Industry Highlights The U.S. paving industry is a major employer. According to 2017 figures, 195,603 businesses employed 284,626 individuals. This industry also brings in substantial revenue. In 2017, for example, this revenue amounted to $36 billion. How Concrete Paving Is Made Concrete is made with a combination of different aggregates, […]


Building public works amenities is something that most countries invest in from time to time according to the needs of the land and the people. Whether it is new roads or new bridges, proper transportation and utilities need to be present everywhere so that people can make proper use of them and have all the conveniences they need to live a full, convenient life. From roadway design and structural design to water infrastructure, a lot of civil engineering projects happen on a regular basis, overseen by government bodies and helped along by specialist companies. If you on a government body […]