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The Many Wonderful Uses of Steel and Alloys

For many millennia, metals of all kind have been an essential material for constructing tools and weapons alike, and starting with the Industrial Revolution, steel beams allowed for the construction of skyscrapers. In fact, several periods of prehistory are named after the common metals used at the time for tools and weapons, such as the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and Copper Age. Steel goes back at least to the Middle Ages, where blacksmiths forged iron into steel to make into knight swords, armor, and shields. Far away in Japan, blacksmiths there also made use of steel to make the katana […]

Why You Should Donate Your Used Clothing

We all have more clothing than we know what to do with. After all, up to 20 billion different garments will be consumed by the general American public with each and every passing year. This means that the average person now consumes are double what someone just 20 years in the past would. And while the average woman living in the United States just about a century in the past would have only just an average of nine total outfits, the average woman of today is actually likely to have around 30 of them, meaning that she has effectively around […]