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Customer Engagement What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Performance Marketing Group stresses the importance of customer engagement as a crucial aspect of enhancing customer relations and encouraging customer retention. If you’re like any other business out there, you understand the importance of customer relations to the profitability of a business. A staggering 72% of businesses prioritize customer experience in their marketing strategies and have seen overwhelming success. What is Customer Engagement? While there’s no correct definition of customer engagement, possibly because of ambiguity or synonymity with other terms, but anything that has to do with interacting with the customers to create an emotional connection between them and the […]

The Right Storage Solutions for Vaccines

The field of medicine has enjoyed a number of advances in the last few centuries, such as microscopes in the 1600s and germ theory in the 1800s (as well as sterilization practices). And certainly vaccines rank among the most powerful medical tools today. Vaccines have been protecting lives and controlling the spread of deadly viruses since the late 1700s, and today, vaccines are more varied than ever to fight disease. But for all their power, these vaccines are fragile, and they need to be stored at the right temperature to remain viable. This is why pharmacy grade refrigerators, vaccine freezers, […]

Proper Storage of Vaccines and Tissue Samples

A number of advances have made medicine much more effective in the past few hundred years, such as the invention of microscopes and the discovery of germ theory. Not only that, but ever since the late 1700s, vaccines have helped protect people around the world from deadly viruses and disease, and this has saved millions of lives in the past few years. But for all their power, vaccines are also fragile, and they need proper storage methods to stay secure. To that end, hospitals and research labs today make use of medical grade freezers and lab refrigerators to store vaccines […]

Here are 3 Tips For Packaging E-Commerce Items

Product packaging is everywhere you look these days, for every type of product imaginable. Even for items that are sold online and not in a store feature packaging of some kind, and it’s important that they continue to do so. Without the proper packaging, consumers wouldn’t be nearly as interested in certain products as they would be otherwise. This article is going to take a look at several tips for how various e-commerce items should be packaged in order to be effectively sold. It Needs to Be Eye Catching: One tip for packaging e-commerce items is that the packaging needs […]