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How Much Paper and Pencil Work Do You Still Do While You Are at Work?

Your excitement is contagious. Although there may be some students starting the 12 month accelerate program who are also apprehensive, there are also many who, like you, are anxious to get to work. When you graduated with a biology degree last May you were ready for a break. Three months later, however, you are more than eager to get started on this one year program that will result in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. You have spent time finding and ordering just the right laboratory notebooks, you enjoyed selecting the kind of stethoscope to buy, and you are most […]

Tips for Maintaining Your Excavator’s Final Drives to Make them Last for Ages

How well your heavy machinery operates can make or break a project’s success. It falls on you to ensure all machines are in good working condition all through their operations for the project to run smoothly. Perhaps, one of the most crucial parts of most heavy equipment- excavators, in this case- that should be well maintained is the travel motor and final drive. This post will give you some valuable tips on how to take care of your excavator’s travel motor and final drive for longevity and seamless operations. Tips on Maintaining Final Drives Final drive motors form an integral […]