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Why You Need to Conduct Professional Employee Background Checks

Employees are the most significant determinant of whether a company will succeed or fail. Failure and loss in businesses is usually not just as a result of employee incompetence. Dishonesty is also an important factor in these losses. It is estimated that a large number of loses incurred by companies through criminal activities are caused by insiders who could either be employees, vendors or sometimes even interns. When a person applies for a job, they only give you the specific information about themselves. It usually requested for through the job application forms. It is estimated that a whopping 95% of […]

Here are 3 Reason to Use Shredders in Your Office

In just about any office building, information security is paramount. 40% of consumers claim that they would stop doing business with a company or brand if that business previously suffered a breach in security. There are a number of ways to keep information private in any office building, but one of the most effective is to use secure paper shredders. These are industrial shredder machines that destroy documents so thoroughly that there is no chance of piecing the documents together again. This article will be taking a look at several reasons to use industrial shredders in your office building. They […]

A Look Into Why We Need Paper Shredders

Ours is a digital age, there is certainly no doubt about it. After all, there are certainly a great many kinds of technology that we use in the course of our day to day lives. From the phones we use to the laptops to the various other elements, from automotive technology to smart home technology, technology is all around us. For the vast majority of us – at least living here in the United States – a day without technology would be a difficult day indeed. The internet is one element of technology that has grown particularly vital, now used […]