3 Things You Should Know About Die Casting


If your business manufactures metal parts and you’re looking to put out high-quality items to other businesses or consumers, you should consider what equipment zinc die cast manufacturers use. Before we get to the different kinds of equipment out there, though, we can start with a little explanation about what zinc die casting is and how it can help your business. Zinc die casting is a process to manufacture shaped metal pieces with incredible strength and precision. The process uses automatic machines that are able to withstand an incredible amount of pressure.

Here are three reasons your business should invest in equipment zinc die cast manufacturers use in order to create astounding metal parts for businesses and consumers.

1. Zinc allot has many desirable characteristics for engineers and business owners

Aside from high thermal conductivity and its ability to cold form, zinc is another great material for die casting because it has high dimensional accuracy as well as high dimensional stability. While aluminum is more popular than zinc (aluminum accounts for more than 80% of all die-cast parts, with zinc coming in second to it), aluminum has a higher melting temperature, therefore making it less castable. Aluminum die casting can come in handy for other pieces though, like pieces to improve automotive fuel efficiency and electronic connectors/housings.

2. Zinc can be used for a variety of different products

Zinc can be made into bathroom fixtures, extensions, door handles, fiber optic connectors, and steering column motor housings. Since zinc is the easiest metal to cast, it can be more useful for creating different metal pieces such as window cranks and ignition housings. Zinc alloys melt at about 380 to 390 degrees Celsius.

3. The recyclability is great for the environment

Zinc is actually 100 percent recyclable, which means it is very sustainable ad much better for the environment. In fact, all die casting parts used in the auto industry are 100% recyclable.

Zinc die cast manufacturers can offer businesses and consumers quality metals pieces that are durable, recyclable, and precise. They can help car manufacturers create cleaner and more efficient vehicles to put out on the market.

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