4 Benefits of Digital Signage for Your School

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Every school wants to keep their local community informed. It’s understandable to wonder what type of signage is best for your school. Statistics show that the value of a sign is similar to running 24 full sized newspaper ads per year. Many schools are realizing how beneficial it is to go digital for their signage needs. Here are four important benefits of having a digital school marquee.

  1. Complete Customization

    It’s likely that your school has their own unique style. Many schools employ a certain color scheme in addition to having a school mascot. You’ll find that a digital school marquee is made to your specifications. It’s important that you utilize a school sign board that has worked with other schools in the past. You’ll likely find that this company will have a portfolio of previous clients to check out.
  2. Easy for Staff to Change Messages

    One drawback of having a traditional sign is changing the letters out. Changing sign letters becomes more of a headache if the sign is located off of the ground. Many people running a school with either have to hire someone to climb the sign or risk a worker doing it themselves. You’ll find it’s much easier to implement digital signage that can be changed in a simple manner. Schools are often places where there is always an event around the corner. Scrolling marquee signs can have their messages changed easily.
  3. Increases Community Involvement

    One of the ways many public schools raise money is through a fundraiser. It’s common for schools to hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Having a digital school marquee sign ensures the public is informed about current fundraisers. For instance, you could include a message about which items to donate or notifications about when a fundraiser will end. Statistics show that 37% of people look at an outdoor sign most of the time they pass by it. Having a school marquee lets you easily communicate with the public about important events.
  4. Great for Important School Dates

    Many schools want to keep everyone informed of upcoming game locations and times. Parents and children will want to stay informed of home and away game dates. A school marquee sign ensures your team always has a crowd waiting in the stands. Statistics show that 26% of those surveyed found out about a phone number from an outdoor sign. It’s likely that members of the community are always passing by your school. Having important dates on a digital school marquee lets you rest assured the community never forgets an event.

In summary, there are several benefits associated with having digital school signage. You’ll find that a digital school marquee offers complete customization options. It’s important to be able to create a digital sign that reflects the personality of your school. A digital sign is incredibly easy to change which means no one has to on a ladder to manually change out letters. Digital signs work well for keeping the community informed even while the school is closed. It’s wise for every school to utilize digital signage to stay connected with their community.

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