4 Reasons to Donate to Veteran’s Charities

Children in need of clothing

Have you ever made charitable clothing donations? It?s a lot easier to arrange a purple heart veterans pick up of your clothing donations than you might think. If you?re considering donating clothes to charity, read on about the benefits of Purple Heart veterans pick up both for you and for others>

You Support Veterans and Their Families

Very close to 5 five million pounds of clothing gets donated by people in the United States every year; but we still send 10.5 million to landfills. Only 15% of our clothing is getting recycled or re-used, and that?s a lot of waste that could be going to help others. For many veterans and their families, clothing donations provide one of the best ways for them to access quality clothing at prices they can afford. So here?s something to consider. If you live in a place with two seasons and haven?t worn something for the past six months, it?s probably time to arrange a Purple Heart veterans pick up and give those items to someone who can really use it.

You?ll Organize Your Own Life

Almost all of us have clothes and household goods that we?re not using. There they sit, just taking up space. You might be afraid to try and deal with them out of fear that it?ll be too much trouble to sort everything and take it to the dumb. If you arrange a Purple Heart veterans pick up, you have a no stress way to deal with all that clothing, bedding, small furniture and appliances, and household items like toys and kitchenware that is taking up all your space.

You Support the Environment

Throwing away household goods that you don?t need uses up landfill space unnecessarily. While most clothes do decompose, they don?t do so very well. Without enough oxygen in the landfill, the clothes compress and begin to give off greenhouse gases as they decompose. Helping military families with clothes donations is a much better use of environmental resources.

You Can Claim a Tax Break

If you make donations through something like a Purple Heart veterans pick up, you can claim a tax write off. A man?s suit, for example, is worth about $60 as a write-off, and a coffee maker can be worth between $4 and $15. Just be aware that you?ll need receipts for items you claim more than $250 for.

There are a lot of good reasons to arrange a Purple Heart veterans pick up for your unwanted clothing, household goods, and other items. You support the military and our country, support the environment, support yourself, and give yourself a tax break. Look at your closets and cabinets today and see how you could support veterans charities and do some good.

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