4 Things to Ask About When Hiring a Cleaning Company for Your Business

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There are many types of cleaning services that are available these days, depending on what you need to have cleaned. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service to clean up your office, school, church or place of business then there are some general things that you can look out for that will help narrow down your options. There are many benefits of hiring a cleaning company but there can also be some negative factors if you don’t do your research and hire the right company. Here are some tips for hiring a cleaning company.

Ask About Green Cleaning
It’s very important for a company to use green cleaning products. Not only are they better for the environment but they aren’t as harsh as chemicals and will be a lot better for your employees to be breathing. One of the many reasons that cleaning is necessary is to eliminate germs and allergens that could make your employees sick. If the cleaning company that you hire, doesn’t use green cleaning products then the whole idea is completely counter productive. You don’t want to have employees calling in for days off because of the cleaning products that the company you hired are using. It will also look very good on your reports if you are using environmentally friendly cleaning products as part of your business plan.

Request to View the Certifications
It’s easy for any cleaning company to set up a website, have an office and pay their employees under the table without actually having the necessary certifications, licenses and insurance to back them up. If you hire a company that is not operating legally, if something gets damaged or stolen then it is your loss. You have nothing to hold them accountable with. Make sure that you see all licenses and certifications yourself before hiring a cleaning company. This way, you can make sure that all the papers and documents are authentic before entering into any kind of agreement with the company. If the owner of the company has any kind of problem producing these documents, or wanting to, you should immediately cut off contact and continue your search elsewhere. Chances are, the business is not legitimate and needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

Require Background Checks
It is not unreasonable that you require the cleaning company that you hire to run background checks on employees before hiring them. You can request copies of all of the background checks for the cleaners that are going to be in your office as well as running your own, if you should feel necessary. It’s important that you know your items and products are going to be safe and protected while the cleaners are there. Cleaners are often there after hours when no one else is, with free reign to everything so you need to know that you can trust them.

Look Up Online Reviews
The best way to find out how a company functions is to look at their reviews. Don’t look at the ones on their website. Naturally, they are only going to put up the best reviews. However, if you use Yelp or a public review website like that then you are sure to be able to find out the good and the bad regarding the company that you are considering. Keep in mind, one or two bad reviews does not make a company bad. Look at the majority vote and overall rating and that will give you a good idea.

If you follow these tips then you’ll be bound to get a good, trustworthy company that uses green cleaning products and will be able to do a good job. There’s a good deal of risk that you are undertaking when you start thinking about hiring a company. You need to protect any goods, products or items that are going to be within the access of the cleaning company. That’s why the ability to trust the company is one of the most important factors. Skill is necessary of course, there’s no point in paying the company if they don’t do a good job but trust is the number one factor, even before ability.

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