5 Benefits of VFDs for Farming Purposes

Farming is extremely popular throughout the United States. In fact, statistics show that there are over 2 million farms currently in operation throughout America. It certainly takes a lot of work to successfully run a farm. Considering that, many farmers utilize the power of motors for agricultural work. These farmers often look for VFD rated motors. VFD stands for variable frequency drive. Here are five important benefits of variable frequency drives.

  1. Precise Process Control

    Running a farm sometimes requires motors to run at various processes. Considering that, a VFD motor allows you to have an extreme amount of process control. If you have applications that aren’t required to run at full speed, it’s wise to use VFDs. Certain starters are only able to use motors at full speed which can place an increased amount of wear and tear on a motor.
  2. Cost Savings

    Statistics show that the annual value of agricultural exports in the United States is an estimated $139.8 billion. In order to receive the most profit from exports, it’s important to keep avoidable costs as low as possible. With that in mind, it’s important to note how much control variable frequency drives give you. Being able to control energy use throughout your farm reduces utility costs. In turn, you’re likely able to begin having an increased amount of profit through utilizing VFDs throughout your farm.
  3. Reducing Wear on Machinery

    Certain starting methods wear down equipment much faster than others. For instance, a single speed starter works to obtain maximum motor speeds in a hurry. In turn, this causes a motor to wear down faster. On the other hand, a VFD provides you with variable starting speeds. Therefore, being able to utilize slower operating speeds helps to reduce how fast motors wear down.
  4. Option for Remote Start

    In certain cases, you’ll find that farming motors utilizing VFDs will have a remote start option. In a similar manner seen with newer automobiles, remote start features enable you to start motors from a separate location. This feature is especially popular among farmers with many acres of farmland.
  5. Perfect Motors for Farm Irrigation Systems

    Equipment is one of the largest costs associated with irrigation expenditures. In fact, statistics from 2013 found that farmers and ranchers spent a total of $2.6 billion for the year, much of this going to irrigation expenses. If you’re looking to save in the long run, it’s wise to consider utilizing VFDs for irrigation systems. You’ll never have to worry about costs related to inefficiency while utilizing VFDs. In addition, these motors prevent the damage and costs associated with lines bursting from water hammer taking place.

In conclusion, variable speed drives have many benefits within the farming industry. These motors help to ensure that you have an increased amount of control regarding how motors operate. In turn, this often leads to using reduced amounts of energy which can help you save on expenses. The additional option of having remote start variable frequency drives is beneficial for those working on larger farms. You’ll find that variable frequency drives work especially well for irrigation systems, reducing instances of water hammer.

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