5 Expansions that All High School Buildings Need


Ah, high school. A time that defines us and disgusts us. As teenagers we are just starting down the path of adulthood. The students are focused on their own personal lives and on their studies as a second thought. The teachers are focused on getting their students to care about their studies more, and the administration want the best out of the prior two.

The question is, how does one get the best out of all three? What can be done to make the high school experience a more pleasant and smoothly running process? Technological advances and the expansion of the buildings. That’s what. From expansions to school portables and modular buildings. What’ll work best is being about to provide classrooms and general rooms that make the school lives of students, teachers, and administration just a little bit better (or maybe even a lot more). Here are 5 expansions to high school buildings that could do that.

  1. Auditorium
    If your school has an auditorium, it probably doesn’t have enough space for the entire student body. Let’s be honest, what auditorium could ever be that large? Probably one off Broadway, but in the meantime it might be worth looking into expanding on your school meeting area.

    This is for several reasons. First, you can make the members of the theatre club very happy with a new home away from home. Second, you can provide additional space for traveling educational groups such as public speakers or theatrical groups. Third, you can provide more seats for family and loved ones during graduation. Doesn’t that sound good?
  2. Cafeteria
    Next is the cafeteria. This is the center of socialization for students at the school. If a school were to expand on this room the school could provide more space for the students to enjoy their free time. In addition, the cafeteria space could be used for more of the meetings during times when the auditorium is full. This could ultimately offer a higher sense of comfort at the school and make the experience a little bit better for the students.
  3. Science Wing
    What’s most important however is that the students are learning. An expansion on the classrooms can ensure that there is space for all the students to grow and learn. In addition, if the science wing is expanded upon there could be new advances added to that section of the school. One of the buildings that could be erected is a planetarium. This could be used for obvious learning purposes such as lessons on constellations and such. That said, the room could also be used for entertainment purposes. Again, this could be additional space used for meetings and it can also be used as a possible movie room.
  4. Gym
    The next spot that could get and upgrade is the gym. The gym is a spot show connected to the high school experience that movies and tv shows can’t go 30 minutes without at least showing a scene in this famous (and sometimes infamous) room. Expanding this gym can provide more space for students. This can lead to less gym periods and more time left for students to learn other subjects such as math, the languages, and science. In addition, a separate building can be included that could contain a swimming pool. That alone opens a lot of options to the school.
  5. Stairs and Elevators
    Lastly, high school buildings need to provide space for stairs and elevators. This can allow students the ability to move around. Having more elevators means that students with mobility disabilities have several travel routes and don’t have to go out of their way to travel between levels. Then, any extra space not used by the elevators could be turned over to use for an extra classroom or one of the other points on this list.

A high school experience is something that can never be forgotten. That said, it can be improved upon with expansions to the school itself. In addition, the education of the student can be enhanced with extra work put into the building’s infrastructure. It’s only a little, tiny bit of effort for what could be a lot of reward.

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