5 Times You Can Hire A Cleaning Service, Guilt Free

Cleaning up a construction site

In most cultures, being frugal is a virtue. It shows discipline and an ability to live within ones means, and can be a bench mark of responsible adulthood. Typically, being frugal includes tasks like eating most of your meals at home, paying your bills on time, and avoiding too many frivolous expenses.
Of course, if you are the type of person who hate cleaning, it can be hard to reconcile your aversion to house work and frugality. Here are a few times when you can and should hire a cleaning service guilt free.

1. Post Construction Clean Up

Have you even been walking down the side walk and had to pass by a professional construction site? Well, imagine all that soot and dust were trapped in a small, enclosed place. That?s your apartment after it?s been renovated. Drywall

Post Renovation or post construction clean up is more than just housekeeping, and is always best left to the professional cleaners, unless the remodel was small, like changing out a few light fixtures. But then again, better safe than sorry!

2. During your Vacation

Have you ever come home from a long day of work to find your apartment still dirty from the night before? Think of how much worse it is after a week in Venice, or Thailand. While it probably would be best if you tried to clean things up before you left, who could blame you if you forgot in all that packing?

3. You?re Having Important Company Over.

Is your boss coming for dinner? And your partner?s parents staying with you for the weekend? If you need to make a good impression, then you might want to consider a professional cleaning service. That way you can focus your energy on the other areas of entertaining – - like cooking. Now if only you could find your mother?s old cookbooks in this mess.

4. You Work from Home/h3>
If you work at home, then you might be living in a nest of germs. The average desk has 10 billion bacteria living on it, and chance are your kitchen could use a good scrubbing too. Don?t most small offices have a light cleaning service? Those only cost about $30 per visit. And technically it is an office if you work there.

5. Just Because

Sometimes, there is no reason. Sometimes you?ve just got to stop rationalizing and treat yourself!

Janitorial Services and Cleaning Companies might not be something that you need every day. But you shouldn?t be indulge every once and a while, whether that?s post construction clean up after a remodel or just something to lighten your load.

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