5 Tips for Landing a Sales Interview

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Having an interview with sales recruiters is not a whole lot different from a regular interview for any kind of position. You should still dress well and make a good first impression as well as be well prepared and versed in the company. However, trying to make a career in sales does start right from the beginning. There are certain things that sales recruiters are looking for in the personalities of the individuals that they interview. If you really want to go down the sales career path then here are a few tips for you first interview.

Be Confident
This requires knowing who you are and being confident in your own skin. The clothes you wear, how your hair is done, how you’ve been eating and whether or not you are thirsty are all factors that an affect a person’s level of confidence in themselves. They may seem like trivial matters compared to the big picture but you need to know that you have done everything your power to land this job. You need to think that you truly are the best person for this job. If you don’t think you deserve the position that you are applying for, there is no way that you are going to be able to fain the confidence that is necessary to land a sales job.

Be Assertive
This means doing your homework. Know about the company, know about the product. Make sure that the product is something that you really believe in and then portray this in the interview. When they ask why you want to work at the company, be ready with a killer answer about how if you believed in nothing else in life, what you know about this product would give you hope again. And don’t fake it; don’t apply for sales jobs where you don’t believe in the product. Look for a company that offers something that you can really be passionate about. Your genuineness will be highly noticeable in the interview.

Be Prepared
Make sure that you bring a copy of your resume, some references and whatever other paperwork might be handy for the interview. You should also prepare some questions that you can’t find the answers to on the company’s website. Research the company and know their background and how they got started. Find something that is relatable to you and capitalize on that during your interview. This could be the hinge pin that the sales recruiters are looking for.

Be Thoughtful
It’s important to not jump at questions. Don’t feel like you are in a rush. Take your time to think through your answers. Every word could be accounted for before it leaves your mouth. You don’t want to leave the interview thinking, “Why did I say that?” You should be careful in choosing your verbiage and say only what you mean. Being thoughtful about your questions and answers will show the interviewer that you are purposeful and determined as well as focused. Those are three of the main characteristics that a sales employer wants in his or her workers.

Be Interested
If you come in unprepared or late or with your hair all messed up, it will portray that you are not really interested in the position that you are applying for. Likewise, having no prepared questions or not knowing much about the company will make a bad impression. Make sure that the interviewers know that you are very much interested in this position. Don’t assume that your apparent disinterest will make you more likely to be able to negotiate higher pay. This doesn’t happen until after you are offered the job. Before hand, you need to be a force to be reckoned with.

You have to take the interview as your first sales call. The client: your potential employer and the product: yourself. You need to sell yourself to the company that you want to hire you. If you can’t even sell yourself as a good candidate for the positions, the sales recruiters are never going to think that you will be able to effectively sell what they are offering to other people. In the end, all you can do is put your best foot out there and see what comes back.

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