5 Tips to Help When You Want to Buy Used Storage Containers

Buy used storage containers

There are a lot of shipping containers traveling around the world and many of them are not being used. While there are more than 17 million shipping containers, only six million of those are actually being used. This means that 11 million steel shipping containers are sitting around and not being used for anything at all. From storage to housing, to mobile offices these could be used for a host of things. Peter Thiel, of PayPal, wants to use these shipping containers to create floating communities in the ocean, for example. If you need containers, you may be looking to buy used storage containers. There are some things you should do to make sure you get quality steel cargo containers.

  1. Look at the condition of the containers. Take some time to check out the containers you are considering buying. Look at the paint job, the seals around the outside and inside and the castings. When you are looking to buy used storage containers, you need to look past how nice the containers look but pay attention to the structure. If it has been used in the ocean, there may be some superficial rust and that is ok.
  2. Check out the floor. Marine grade plywood is the material that is used for the flooring for the majority of steel shipping containers. When you are looking at new shipping containers for sale, the plywood will be new. It is not when you are looking to buy used storage containers, it may be dirty and discolored. What it should not be is broken or gouged. It should not have rot or mold. If it has any of these things, you should continue your search.
  3. Look at the doors. Make sure they open and close easily. Try out the handles and the locking mechanisms. Make sure the doors make a tight seal. A well maintained storage container can last for decades but that does not mean there will not be any wear and tear on the handles and hinges. The older the unit, the more of that you will see. If the containers are at least 10 years old, they may need a little care and feeding such as grease. The only red line you need to have is on the seal. If the seal is bad, you need to look at other containers.
  4. Do not forget the ceiling. If you want to check the holes on the ceiling, check out the containers during the day. Go to the lot on a sunny day, Go into the unit and close the door. Look up. Is there sun coming through? If there is, you should not buy this container. One thing you need to pay attention to when you want to buy used storage containers is the amount of deep rust. That should be a deal breaker. This is the best way to look for holes in the ceiling.
  5. How does the unit smell? It is hard to know where that storage container has been during its life. It is equally hard to say how that will impact the way that the shipping container smells by the time you have the chance to look at it and evaluate it. There are some things you can do to improve some smells. If you find a container that you would like to buy, you can deal with some smells with coffee. Get some super cheap coffee and pour it throughout the unit. Go away for between 24 and 48 hours. When you get back to your storage container, the offending smell should be gone. All you should be able to smell at that point is your coffee.

When you are looking to buy used storage containers, the task can seen daunting but it does not have to be. It really is not hard to find cost effective used shipping containers. You should note that inexpensive or cost effective is not the same thing as cheap. You need to be careful to find containers that are a good price but are not substandard quality. If you find some used storage containers that have a really, really low price, you should be wary.


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