6 Interesting Facts About Email You Probably Didn’t Know

Email hosting is a beneficial service for large organizations, small organizations and yes even non profit organizations. Email is a popular part of our everyday lives, and probably will continue to be for quite some time. Almost everyone knows how to use an email, and some even have multiple email addresses across a variety of platforms. Read below to see some interesting facts when it comes to emails and how they affect our day to day lives.

Mobile Devices

Most people view emails on their mobile device before using a desktop or laptop. Why? Because they are with us majority of the time. We transport them wherever we go and have them on us at all hours of the day. Businesses choosing email hosting help ensure that users get their emails and those emails will get read in a timely fashion.


In the year 2017 there were more than 3 billion internet users around the globe, and almost all of those who used the internet used an email service as well. This number is only expected to grow significantly, possibly totaling more than 4 billion users by the year 2022. Email is one of the most popular activities online, and beats sending messages through social media platforms. Using email solutions for small business needs can help you cap in on this incredibly popular form of communication to significantly grow your customer database.


This term is something that can strike feat into anyone using small business email to grow their business. In September of 2017 SPAM messages accounted for more than half of all email traffic, leading to irritated recipients and unread messages. However, sending useful emails with relevant information to those who are truly interested can help you avoid this. Email hosting makes sure the emails get delivered, but it’s up to you to make sure they are necessary and relevant to the readers.

Welcome Emails

Email hosting ensures that people can read your emails as well as other emails. This includes a “welcome email” to individuals who just signed up. While your business may be wondering if these are actually useful and helpful, bear in mind that these emails are opened more than half the time. So don’t skimp on the “welcome email” and make your new recipient feel cherished and welcomed.

Subject Lines

Since more than half of all email users open them on a mobile device, it makes sense that not all emails are opened and read. Many users scan emails picking and choosing which ones to open read. This means that you have one chance to catch their attention and entice them to open your email and read it. Choose subject lines wisely. Try to draw their attention to your email with a strong and engaging headline that will make them want to read more. Bear in mind how long it is though, because most mobile devices allow for 32 characters before cutting the rest off.

Timing is Everything

Our phones are always by our side, as it’s already been stated. This means that usually they are the last thing we see before going to bed, and the first thing that we pick up when we wake up. Emails are usually the first thing checked on a mobile device, even before social media. Time your emails for times when users are more likely to not only see your email but click on it and read it. Early morning, lunch time and evening time is usually the best times because things are less hectic during those times of our lives.

Using email for business needs serves a variety of purposes. Long time readers may become customers from email. Those who are interested can easily learn more about your company. Current customers can become repeat customers with emails that include sales, and possibly refer your business to others who share the same interest. The popularity of email has been and will continue to be a successful way for businesses to attract, gain and keep customers.

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