6 Reasons to Look to Swiss CNCs for Your Projects

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If your business relies on using computer numeric control (CNC) tools for prototyping, carving, machining, milling or cutting, you know that you have multiple options. Many manufacturing companies are now turning to Swiss CNC tools because of the superior accuracy they offer.

Now, Zorns of Bethpageandnbsp;has compiled a list of the reasons Swiss CNC machines are becoming the preferred tools for many companies around the world. They note that that are quickly becoming the most popular machines for a number of projects. More and more businesses are forgoing the use of more traditional lathes, routers, shaping tools and other machinery and sticking to just the Swiss CNC tools to do what they need to do. Here are some of the reasons this is happening:

  1. The Swiss CNC tools can be used just about non-stop. The only time you need to turn these machines off is when they need some kind of maintenance work to be performed on them, which is often only needed to increase their already stellar efficiency. Otherwise, if you need it, you can run them every day and all day for as long as you need. This makes them different from other machinery, which cannot stand up to constant use.
  2. You get the same result, no matter how many items you need to make. If you need to make one hundred copies of something or several thousand, the first product made by your Swiss CNC tool will be identical, in every way, to the last one you make. It is hard to get this kind of accuracy and consistency with any other kind of machine. When you need to make screws, every last one of them will be exactly the same. This will save you money on your production. Because every piece is exactly the same, you have more confidence in the parts you are making. This is the most efficient and accurate way to make new components.
  3. Your workers will not need a lot of extra training to use a Swiss CNC. Many machines are really great but they are complicated to use and you need to send people to be trained. That takes time away from the work they would be doing in your facility. This is simply not the case when you use Swiss machinery. They are incredibly easy for anyone to start using them right away.
  4. You can use virtual software packages to have your people trained. If people do want to practice using these tools, there is a application for that. This makes training people to use the machinery a lot easier to do. Workers can even learn how to operate Swiss CNC machinery from their homes. For many machines, you need to bring in an engineer or other expert to train your people but that is not needed with these machines. Many people who have used the software liken it to a fun video game. You can even tailor the training to mimic making the specific parts or products that you make so your workers are training on exactly the same thing they will be doing for you.
  5. It only takes one person to operate this kind of machinery. The machine does most of the work for you. You program it once and then you leave just one staff member to oversee its operation. From time to time, you may need to change out the cutting tools and drill bits but, beyond that, there is almost nothing you need to do. This should free up your people to do other kinds of work at your business. You can get more from your workforce when your machines can take over coms of the workload.
  6. These machines are easy to upgrade. From time to time, any machinery that relies on programming will need to be updated. Software updates on Swiss CNC machines are easy to do. Some machines take a lot of work, time and effort but updating these machines is a simple process. New updates often also increase the efficiency of the Swiss machines.

It is true that Swiss CNC machines is a big investment but it is one that many think is worth the cost as it can save money in the long run.

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