6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Commercial Property for Rent

Business space for rent

When you are looking at finding a new space for your business, the process can be complicated. Looking at commercial property for rent is a lot different than looking at residential rental spaces. You have factors to consider that are not part of the process of finding a good place to live. From considering the safety of your employees to getting the right business space for rent for your brand, you have to spend a good deal of time finding the right commercial property for rent.

  1. Give yourself a lot of time. Finding the right commercial property for rent can take a lot longer than you may expect. It is therefore important to start the process at a time when you can give yourself the time you will need to negotiate the best deal for your business. If you are operating under a time crunch or need to move quickly, you will not put yourself in the best position to negotiate the best terms for your rental agreements. It can take months for commercial property leases to be prepared and finalized.
  2. Spend some time researching different neighborhoods. If you are looking to move your business to a new part of town, you should take some time to check it out. If you are looking for retail space for lease, for example, you will need to find a place that is right for your brand. You want to make sure the area where you place your business helps and does not hurt your brand. You also need to find a space with the right amount of foot traffic, if that is something that you rely on. If you are looking into other kinds of commercial property for rent, you still need to make sure the area where it is located works for your business needs.
  3. Check out the area at different times of the day. You do not want to judge a place based on one visit. If you are opening a new eatery or shop, you should get a feel for the place both when you plan to be open but when you are closed as well. This will give you a better sense of how safe the area is, what the foot traffic is like and what kinds of people are out and about on different days of the week and times of the day.
  4. Work with the leasing agent directly. When you are looking at commercial space for rent, take down the numbers that are on the signs. Call the property or the listing agent directly. Take some time to drive by the different locations that you are considering. When you schedule the times to view and tour the different commercial space for lease, you should look at the least appealing places first. If this is your first time finding new space for a business, you can consider the first few times you view spaces as practice runs. You will learn more about the process and what questions you should ask. Then when you look at the options that you like more, you will be in a better position to negotiate.
  5. Bring a list of questions. There are many details that you have to take into consideration when you are looking for a good commercial property for rent. If you are looking at a small retail space for rent, you may have to redecorate or renovate the space to make it reflect your brand and brand identity. These are costs you have to think about. You may also need to make upgrades to the space and make changes to accommodate your IT needs. Make sure the space has the power you need to run your business.
  6. Get the right lease length. You should have an idea of how long you want your lease to be for when you are negotiating with a company. Remember, they cannot say yes if you do not ask.

Finding the right commercial property for rent and negotiating a commercial lease is a lot more complicated a process than finding and renting an apartment or house. If you take your time, you will find the right space.

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