6 Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

Clothing donations

Most people like to do things to help others. The problem is that many people are not sure how they can help. People want to make disabled veterans donations, for instance, but do not have lot of money. There are ways of helping disabled veterans even if you do not have money to spare.

1. You can donate clothing.

Nearly 10.5 million tons of used clothing is sent to landfills by Americans every year. The typical person the United States throws away almost 70 pounds of textiles and clothing each year. When you throw away used clothing and it ends up in a landfill it helps no one. The clothing that is given as disabled veterans donations can be either go directly to the people who need it or it can be sold to raise money for the charity itself. The money that is raised in their consignment shops goes to help them do the good work they do.

2. You can donate household items.

Do you have any items around your home that you are not using? That old coffee pot may be collecting dust in your closet but it may be something that could be used for helping families in need. Even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) looks favorably on these donations for non profit organizations. You can take any donations to charity off of you taxes. That used coffee pot can get you between $4 and $15. Just make sure you keep records. You will need a receipt for any donations that exceed $250 and an appraisal for any that are over $500.

3. You can donate your time.

If you can spare some time to give to charity, they can always use help with a variety of tasks. When you make clothing donations for charity, the organization will need to sort and catalogue all the clothing they receive, for example. Local food banks need help taking in food and keeping it all organized. Any disabled veterans donations need to be catalogued and indexed as well. Any time you can give to help local charities will be appreciated.

4. You can donate your talent.

Do you have a particular skill that you can share? If you are a good writer, maybe you can offer to write their newsletter. Maybe if you are a good web designed, you can help them with that. Are you a mechanic? House painter? Accountant? If you have a skill, local non-profits can use help with a lot of these things and would appreciate it a lot.

5. You can donate your social networks.

Well, you can use your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and others to spread the word about the non profit organization, the work they are doing and what they need help with. If they are having events, you can invite your friends and followers. If you go to volunteer, you can share status updates about how you are volunteering and how much you are getting out of the experience. When people see others volunteering or giving back, they are more inclined to do the same. The good you do by volunteering will be multiplied by the number of people you inspire to do the same.

6. You can set up clothing and item donation drives.

There are a of charities that will pick up donations. What you can do is have everyone at your place of work bring in the clothes and household items they are no longer using. Pick a date by which all of the disabled veterans donations, for example, should be brought in. You can arrange a pick up date and time with the charity and they will collect all of the things you and your coworkers have compiled This is a great way to improve morale at your place of business. It can also help the reputation of the company you work for. You get to help people, feel better about your job and get good PR. What a win-win-win!

There are a lot of very good things that you can do to help people in your community who need some kind of assistance or another. You will feel better about yourself, help another person (or people) and improve your karma.


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