7 Tips for Finding the Best Private School Cleaning Services Company

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It is a well known fact that schools are breeding grounds for germs. The University of Minnesota looked at how diseases are spread and found that all of the most common kind germs are passed from person to person is from the nose, mouth and and eyes. People handing good can transmit any infectious diseases they are harboring. Children pass them to their teachers, siblings, parents and others when they become infected. People can even get illnesses from their animals. So hiring the right private school cleaning services company can keep illnesses down, which also lowers the amount of time teachers and other staff will take off for sick leave. Here are some tips for finding a private school cleaning services company.

  1. Talk to other private schools in your area. They may have some good suggestions for hiring a private school cleaning services. The best way to find any kinds of products or services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust. You know people who work at other educational facilities, find out how they found their private school cleaning services company and what they think about the experience. Ask if they have any recommendations about working with them.
  2. Look online. There are a lot of resources online that can lead you to the right private school cleaning services company. Many cities and towns also have Facebook groups and pages aimed at promoting local services such various types of cleaning services. If no one has posted a question about professional cleaning services, ask the question. People like to think that they are being helpful and will give you advice if they can help you find your best choice for a private school cleaning services company.
  3. Make sure they have the right licenses and insurance. Because you are dealing with areas that have kids in them all day, you need to be careful to find a private school cleaning services company that has dotted all of their i’s and crossed all of their t’s in this area. You can open your school up to lawsuits from the parents if you hire a cleaning company that has not taken the time to work through this issue.Verify whatever information they give you. You also need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s.
  4. Ask about the vetting of the cleaners. You should make an extra effort to find private school cleaning services because of the liability issues surrounding operating a private school. This can be a very important part of your process when hiring a cleaning services company to get and keep your school as clean as it needs to be to meet the high standards that are required at most private schools.
  5. Find a company with a long history. This is not to say that a newer company cannot be good and competent but finding a good local private school cleaning company can give you more peace of mind. It is always good to look up the reputation of the cleaning services company before you hire them. You should also ask how long the people who work there have been with the company. Sometimes, you will see someone buy a business, bring in newer people who are not as competent so when you hire the company.
  6. Ask for references. All reputable private school cleaning company will have no problems giving you the name and contact information for current or former clients. If they refuse to give you this information, you should go with another company. Getting references is standard operating procedure for most kind of businesses. You should verify the references when are given them.
  7. Get more than one quote. You should talk to at least three companies when you are looking for a private school cleaning service. The companies should come out to your facility before they give you an estimate for what they will charge your school.

If you get the wrong private school cleaning service, you will have a lot of angry parents to answer to so it is worth it to put in the appropriate amount of time and work in when you deal with the process.


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