7 Tips to Help You Get the Most from Your Direct Mail Campaign

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People like to complain about getting junk mail but the reason companies and candidates use it is that it works. People bring their mail into their home and most of then read it. If you are planning to use mailing services for a direct mail campaign, there are things you can do to make it more successful.

  1. Buy a list. You can increase your return on investment and save yourself effort and energy by buying a good list that has been professionally curated. Building your own list is time consuming and will not get you the best results. When you are looking at your plans for your mailing services and direct mail campaign, you should find a reputable company that produces targeted lists for businesses like yours.
  2. Give your customers and clients a reason to act soon. One way to add value to your direct mail pieces is to include a coupon for the goods or services that you sell. If you send out direct mail pieces that do not have rebates, bonuses or other sales included in them, you are going to be wasting your time and money. When you include offers that are time limited, people are more likely to take advantage of it. If you give your customers a code or coupon to use, you can see how effective your direct mail campaign is.
  3. Make your direct mail materials look great. When you design your materials for your printing and mailing services company, you need to pay attention to the messages you include and the way your materials look. You should be creative but careful with your design. You would be well served to go with a professional graphic designer to put together your marketing materials. Your credibility is on the line when you send out mailed materials. This is true of your invoice printing services and for any direct mail campaign you decide to pursue.
  4. Make sure you go with a top notch printer. The printer you use should offer great customer service, be responsive to your needs and have a great reputation for producing great products. They should have samples of the work they have done and even have current or former clients that you can talk to about what it was like to work with them. You should look at the price they offer you but this should not be the only factor you use to determine which company you use for printing and mailing services. You should look at the quality of their work and the way the images look.
  5. Hire a printer that can also handle the mailing process. Most good printers will be able to handle all of the printing and mailing services that you need to have done. They will either handle the mailing services themselves or they will have a partner program with a mailing services company. It may seem that you can have a company handle the printing for you and you can handle the mailing of your materials but you will save yourself a lot of time, energy and money by going with a printer who can help with the mailing process. They can often get bulk mail prices that will cut your costs.
  6. Make your copy count. When you are sending out direct mail marketing materials, you have to write copy that is helpful, clear and mirrors the rest of your marketing and promotional messaging. You need all of your messaging to be consistent and clear. Having a good copywriter do the copy for your direct mail pieces can be very helpful. If you have a veterinary practice and are offering a discount on flea protection, remind your customers why they need to keep their pets protected from these awful pests. If you find you are having some problems getting the copy on your materials, hiring a professional writer. It can make a big difference.
  7. Follow up. After you send your first materials, follow up with postcards or phone calls to engage your customers.

Companies use direct mail campaigns to raise awareness of their brand and improve their bottom line. These tips will make your campaign more successful and will help increase sales.

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