8 Ideas for Better Packaging

Customized packaging

You want people to buy, enjoy and recommend your products to their friends and family. What kind of industrial packaging you decide to use can go a long way to help you increase brand awareness and improve your bottom line. Here are some tips to get the most from your industrial packaging.

  1. Make your packaging reusable. Retail packaging that is reusable can do a lot for your brand. By creating interesting packaging that can be reused, you can create more buzz. There is specialty packaging for wine that transforms from a point of purchase display to a reusable wine rack. Think about what happens to the packaging when the customer is done with your packaging and you may get a lot more bang for your buck.
  2. Make your product stand out with your packaging. If your product is on the shelf next to a bunch of other products that look exactly the same, how do you expect to get people to notice you? Campbell’s Soup started putting some of its soups in pouches rather than cans. These pouches stand out in a crowd of cans. Think about switching up the kind of packaging you use for your products. Just because you have always done your industrial packaging a certain way does not mean it is the right way to keep doing it.
  3. Get designers involved early in your process. Many companies do not start thinking about their industrial packaging until the product development process is well along and almost done. That is a mistake. It makes a lot more sense to get a designer involved in your product development process much earlier and you may be surprised by how much more you can get from your packaging. While the main goal of your packaging is to get your products safely to the market, there is a lot more you can do with it if you are creative.
  4. Make your packaging fun. Fun industrial packaging is not just for children. You can have fun custom product packaging for adults, too. Again, if you look to wine bottles you will see a host of animals and fun images on the bottles. While skulls may not be what many people think about when they think about fun but getting your tequila or vodka from one does leave an impression. The point is to make your packaging look a lot different from everything else in the same aisle.
  5. Consider sandwich printing. Is the product you are selling a clear liquid? Can you read through it? If the answer to that is “yes” you may want to print on the back of the label as well as the front for a really interesting and more unique look. You need to stay away from putting any regulatory information there but you can use that space to tell the story of your brand. If you are able to create a connection between your customer and your company, you will do your brand a lot of good.
  6. Look into metals. Many labels are on plain, white or clear in color. These are, by no means, the only options available for custom branded packaging. Metallic foils can make industrial packaging look a lot more interesting and add something extra to a product. This can create a striking look and get more attention for your products.
  7. Target your industrial packaging. You have an audience that you are trying to reach. The more you know about them, the more you can tailor your packaging to appeal to them. Five Hour Energy has a market of people who are on the go and are active. Their extra strength product comes in a camouflaged bottle. This gives it more of an action packed feel. Think of who is buying your product when you create your custom printed packaging.
  8. Take two packaging ideas and put them together. Anheuser Busch did this recently with its packaging. People are familiar with glass bottles and aluminum cans but when the beer company merged them to create aluminum bottles, they made something new and exciting. This is an eye catching and environmentally friendly way to sell their product.

The kind of packaging you use from your products can do a lot to build your brand and grow your bottom line.

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