A Brief Overview of How a Conductivity Monitor Works

Water resistivity measurement

There are many different water quality analysis methods available. One of the most popular involves using a conductivity monitor. It’s understandable to be unaware of how important this device is. Learning about a conductivity monitor will help to ensure you know how to keep water clean and safe. There are many dangers that pose a threat to a water supply. One study finds that 2 million tons of waste are dumped into the planet’s water supply. In this post, you will learn about the importance of using a water conductivity monitor.

What is a Conductivity Monitor

This type of monitor is used water where chemicals or minerals have dissolved into the water supply. Certain elements enter the water and break apart. After the elements are broken, certain particles appear in water that has an electrical charge. Water testing kits are used to find how much electricity is present in a water supply. One study finds that only 28% of streams in the United States are considered healthy communities.

Using a Monitor to Check Water

A conductivity monitor will let someone know how much electricity is present. The salinity of a water supply needs to be checked. You will need to find a conductivity monitor that displays both conductivity and salinity. Animals found in the water are able to live in certain amounts of salinity. Certain animals can live in high salinity conditions while others can not. You may need to use a conductivity monitor to ensure the right salinity levels are reached.

You may want to have a company test your water supply. These professionals will know exactly what dangerous elements to look for and remove. Having a water maintenance company handle cleaning your water leaves a business owner with more valuable time for other projects.

In closing, a conductivity monitor is a very important tool to use within a water supply. This tool is one of many water quality analysis methods used to measure levels of salinity. Animals need to have a certain amount of salinity in order to exist in an underwater community. Using a monitor to measure the conductivity of your water supply is a wise solution to ensure the supply stays safe.

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