A Brighter Future How Nuclear Energy Could Ensure Our Success

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Everywhere we turn the theme of nuclear war seems to be a constant subject as television shows, novels, and video games are all too pleased to approach the nuclear apocalypse as a setting. As perhaps one of the most influential sources for nuclear apocalyptic inspiration, the Fallout series of games sees a United States ravaged by the results of an alternative post-war world where nuclear power became the primary form of energy. Although the sarcasm and humor of the Fallout games satirizes the world’s dependence on nuclear energy, the reality is that nuclear energy may become more available in the years to come.

Uranium: The Fuel of the Future

The fundamental difference between a nuclear bomb and a nuclear power plant is the application of the fuel source, in this case it is uranium. Uranium is naturally radioactive, meaning that it is teeming with potential energy that can be released under controlled reactions. While fossil fuels have long reigned as the primary energy giants in our nation, in reality fossil fuels are not only finite and dirty when it comes to energy applications as they are also inefficient. A single kilogram of coal can power a 60 watt lightbulb for around four days; a single kilogram of uranium on the other hand has the energy capabilities to power that same lightbulb for 658 years by comparison. Not only is uranium around 20,000 times more efficient than coal, it has been found that 78% of the costs to run a coal fired power plant is actually spent on the fuel source. Similarly, gas fired power plants spend around 89% of their costs on fuel; a nuclear power plant on the other hand only spends around 14% of their costs on uranium.

A Nuclear World

Nuclear energy applications have grown to supply over 11% of the world’s energy; this means that the amount of energy produced from nuclear power is equivalent to the amount of energy produced by all power sources combined back in 1960. There are 30 countries around the world that have a combined total of over 436 commercial nuclear reactors — in addition to these there are currently another 67 reactors under construction. The United States currently has 99 operating commercial nuclear reactors dispersed across 61 nuclear power plants across the nation — these figures mean that the United States currently leads the world in nuclear energy production.

Understanding Our Options

Our nation’s nuclear investments have guaranteed our place in the
realm of nuclear power. At this time around 90% of our nation’s existing reactors will soon be relicensed for another 20 years or longer. This is important to note as this will mean that America will continue to remain the leader in nuclear energy across the world for at least 10 more years until China completes their 100 new nuclear reactor units. Nuclear investment is the primary way that we can stay on top and continue to lead the world into the nuclear age. By investing in nuclear energy stocks with trusted nuclear energy stock companies, Americans too can ensure that nuclear energy becomes the way forward, ending our long standing reliance on fossil fuels. By utilizing cleaner, cheaper, alternative sources of energy we can ensure that our children enjoy a brighter future where energy is available on a global scale. Consider our options and do your research to see if nuclear investment really is the best step toward a better future.

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