A Look At Changes In Career Direction In The United States

There are a multitude of career directions available in the United States, from elementary school teacher to podiatrist (or any other kind of doctor at that). With so many career directions to choose from, it can be difficult to settle on the right path at the beginning of your adulthood. Asking a young eighteen year old young adult – someone who has just graduated high school and has never really and truly experienced the real world – to pick what they want to do forever does not always go according to plan. If you look at the rates of changed majors over the course of four years, you would see that the vast majority of college students change their majors and therefore their career directions at least once, if not even more frequently than that. And some people change career directions later on in their adulthood, once they have already become established in one career. A change in career direction can be caused by a number of factors but no matter what the reason, it is becoming more and more commonplace with the average adult person in the United States changing career directions as many as fifteen times in their working lives.

Many of those people who are looking to change careers have found a new passion in another field. Teaching, for instance, has grown in popularity and is ever important. There are many roles one can find themselves in when looking into the field of teaching, from elementary school teacher to teacher’s aide to tutor. High school teachers are particularly popular – and the number of high school teachers in the United States is even predicted and anticipated to grow by at nearly ten percent by the time that we reach 2026, less than ten years from now. Those employed in postsecondary education positions (like college professors or teachers, for example) are also anticipated to increase – by nearly fifteen percent in the next ten or so years – less than, in fact.

Many of those looking to make midlife career changes often find the legal field alluring and attractive. In fact, more than two percent of the entire legal field are those who have changed career directions, and the legal field now consists of more than one million attorneys and lawyers in the United States alone. There are many different facets of the law that such lawyers and attorneys may choose to specialize in, but nearly ten percent of those looking at a lawyer career change will choose to go into the realm of business and financial law.

For those who are interested in looking for a career change, the future can seem all too daunting and uncertain. Fortunately, there are professionals experienced in these matters who can provide a great deal of help. These professionals can be found at life coaching businesses. A life coach can often provide you with career advice and can help you to determine why you are unhappy with your current job and career. Your life is yours to do what you want with, they will tell you, and they will help you to find the career path that makes you the happiest and will simultaneously lead you to the most success.

There are many reasons to decide upon a career change no matter where you may be in life, and all of these reasons are valid. After all, if you are not happy in any given career path, a change of career directions might be just the thing that you need. You deserve your happiness – and your happiness in your career.

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