After Hours Phone Services Help Customers Get the Answers They Need

We live in a time when cell phones are very common place. In fact, there are very few adults who do not have a cell phone. and many people are moving away from a landline at home all together. For businesses, however, there are still many landlines that are used. With the addition of national answering services and the use of the more traditional landlines, companies can find a way to stay in contact with their customers. Finding the right national answering service is essential, though, if you want to make sure that this contact is both reliable and promising.

The most professional answering service can help businesses of all size get the information that they need. When customers call and business owners are otherwise detained, it is important that the right information is recorded. And while a machine may be accurate, it is also very impersonal. Having a personal business answering service, however, can help you communicate with your customers and let them know that your call matters. With carefully crafted prompts and a list of frequently asked questions, the best answering service can help you both maintain and strengthen the relationship with all of the customers who are important to your success.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the importance of customer service and the impact that it can have on the success and failure of a business:

  • 80% of consumers prefer to contact customer service representatives over the phone, so it is important that the people staffing your telephone answering service can help you create the most positive environment.
  • 69% of telephone customer service has the highest satisfaction compared to other online customer service channels, according to Forrester.
  • 75% of customers would prefer the option to be called back rather than wait on the line.
  • 66% of consumers indicate that they would be willing to spend more with a particular company, as much as 13% more on average, following an excellent customer service experience.
  • Getting their problems resolved quickly is the number one thing customers are looking for when they call contact centers.
  • 80% of people will hang up on a business if they hear a voicemail, so it is far more important to make sure that a national answering service offers a personal touch.

Although many of us use our cell phones to text more frequently than we use them to call, it is important to realize that when it comes to a business, texting is not enough. In fact, the professional answering service that you use will help you create the most positive customer relations with your most important clients.

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