Airplane Messages Make a Visual Impact with Aerial Advertising

Types of airplane messages

Have you considered communicating your company’s message with sky banners? Not only can you create and maintain awareness for your company’s brand, but you can also promote sales, specials, and discounts–especially for specific holiday-oriented events. Other airplane banner advertising advantages include promoting grand openings or a change in business location.

Other types of airplane messages include sending private message to your friends and family. Consider the surprise and delight you’ll bring with these airplane messages:

    Happy Birthday!
    Happy Anniversary!
    Congratulations, Graduate!
    Will You Marry Me?
    Welcome Home! – and More

Airplane Banner Services, an Interesting History

Did you know that planes began trailing advertising banners in the early 1920s? According to the Smithsonian, in 1940 alone, Pepsi scribbled some 2,225 sky-written messages over 48 states, Mexico, Canada, Cuba, and South America. By 2001, the Federal Aviation Administration had authorized some 600 companies to conduct banner-towing operations.

The Visual Impact of Airplane Messages

Did you know that in ideal weather conditions, a sky-written message can be seen for more than 2,800 square miles? This provides a visual range unmatched by billboards! Furthermore, when the weather is cool, humid, windless, and clear, these messages can linger for 20 minutes or more, and can be seen up to 30 miles away.

How Aerial Billboards are Created

Curious how the pilots create your message? The sky writing process begins at around 10,000 feet where the air is calmer and cooler. Since cooler air exerts more pressure, this altitude helps hold the smoke together. Banners are typically made with five-foot-high letters, and the planes grab them mid-flight. The pilot then maneuvers the plane to two five-foot-high poles that hold a rope to which the banner is attached.

Surveys Show Aerial Advertising is Effective

In a recent survey, 79% of respondents were able to remember the product or service being advertised by an aerial banner. Also important to note is that 67% of these respondents retained at least half the aerial ad’s message.

Some aerial advertising campaigns have received a 20% response rate. Depending on your goals–and the purpose for your campaign–this may be significant. What’s important to remember is that you’re communicating your message.

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