All It Takes Is One Lost Document To Put Your Security At Risk The Power Of An Industrial Paper Shredder

Identity theft is no joke. All it takes is a few seconds to completely upheave your entire life.

Millions of people every year become victim to identity fraud. From the single mother who left her wallet at the cafe to the full-time student who opened a spam e-mail, there’s always another way to steal what’s yours. As a business you can’t afford to turn the other cheek. The hard work of employees and customers alike depend on your insight. While you can’t prevent all incidents of identity theft, an industrial office shredder can at least make it harder to pull off.

A high capacity paper shredders make sure even the most dedicated third party won’t be able to take valuable information. Let’s take a look at the peace-of-mind these services can give you.

Identity Theft Is On The Rise For Customers And Businesses

You might think it’s easier to protect your information with today’s technology. According to recent studies, it’s quite the opposite. The year 2017 alone saw nearly 17 million victims of identity fraud targeting several demographics. In fact, over 25% of consumers discovered they were a victim of identity fraud by complete accident. The reason why identity fraud continues to run rampant is an acute misunderstanding of the crime and all the different ways it can manifest.

A Single Company Record Can Completely Overhaul A Business

What harm can just one misplaced document or file do? Quite a lot, in today’s fast-paced digital age. Top executives from 300 companies were asked to rank their biggest problems from most to least — company records being misplaced were among the top five critical issues facing their business. An industrial office shredder does more than just neatly get rid of your trash. It makes sure nobody will piece together vital numbers or data that can put your business at risk for financial loss…or worse.

There Are Many Different Forms Of Identity Fraud

A major reason why identity fraud is so rampant is because of all the ways it can sneak into the fold. A lost credit card can be swiped over and over again before anyone realizes damage has been done. A stolen envelope can then be used for less-than-savory purposes. A troubling study revealed nearly 30% of consumers fail to shred documents containing sensitive information before throwing them out. There’s a common idea that something being in the trash is enough to protect their best interests.

Security Habits Need To Be A Day-To-Day Measure

There’s a reason why you double-check your door lock at night and change your passwords regularly. It’s good habits that protect your better interests in the long-term. A study asked consumers about their security habits and how they do or don’t protect them — nearly 50% admitted their habits make them vulnerable to identity theft or other forms of identity fraud. A high capacity paper shredder, by its mere presence, forces you to face the reality of identity fraud. Nothing is more dangerous to theft attempts than being put in the spotlight.

An Industrial Office Shredder Will Cover Your Bases Effectively

When you need peace-of-mind that lasts, an industrial office shredder can help. Today up to 40% of consumers claim they would actively stop doing business with a company or brand if they suffered a breach of security. With an industrial shredder machine you can dispose of sensitive documents with ease, reducing trash and effort while improving efficiency. There are several varieties you can choose from. Some are better for high-volume, while others are smaller for personal use.

Just one breach of security can cost you customers. Keep the worst at bay with a secure paper shredder.

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