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This is personal.
As the nation works listens to the conflicting reports of how many jobs have been lost or how many jobs have been gained, you really only care about one job.
The one you no longer have.
After the announcement of a major company layoff, you initially thought that you would be safe. With fewer than 15 in your department, you some how rationalized that you were one person who would be protected. When the final announcements were made, however, you were more than disappointed to find out that you would be spending the next few weeks, possibly months, working with the HR consulting firm that was offered as part of your severance package. It is not that you think you will not be able to find another job, it is just that you are not looking forward to the process.
Another round of soft skills training sessions, another set of seminars on resume and interview skills, another leadership development inventory. You know what your strengths are. You simply dislike the process of convincing someone else that those skills will be valuable to them if they select you as the new hire.
HR consulting Teams Can Help You Prepare for New Job Expectations
If you are in the work force, it likely comes as no surprise to you that 75% of employers think personality skills are just as important as hard skills. Furthermore, 16% of employers find that personality skills are even more important than the hard skills.
Whether or not you are someone who is looking for a new job, or whether or not you are a company that is looking to fill key positions, it is important to understand the value of all kinds of work skills. From personality skills to leadership traits and from strategic planning knowledge to successful management, assessing the strengths of future employees can be a challenge. For the employees themselves, finding a way to demonstrate your strengths can also be a challenge. Although a very few skills like keyboarding speed and medical term recognition can be measured through a test, many other job skills are far more difficult to assess. Consider, for instance, the difficulty in measuring these top 10 soft skills sought by employers:

  • HR consulting firms help companies assess a number of skills including those that are labeled as soft, which are those skills that are indicative of employee ability to problem solve, as well as a measure of reliability and leadership potential.
  • Work ethic is considered the top soft skill by 73% of employees.
  • Dependability is considered the top soft skill by 73% of employees.
  • Positive attitude is considered the top soft skill by 72% of employees.
  • Self-motivation is considered the top soft skill by 66% of employees.
  • Team orientation is considered the top soft skill by 60% of employees.
  • Organization skills is considered the top soft skill by 57% of employees.

Companies that find themselves struggling to find the best candidates or, worse yet, struggling to keep the best hires can often benefit from the services of a HR consulting firm. Through the use of employee development programs and other training services, a HR consulting firm can help a company learn to assess the talent pool to fill open positions, as well as train current management in methods that can increase employee retention.

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