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Australia, the country-continent made up of 22 million people, is not unlike its counterparts on the international stage. We have political issues, environmental problems to tackle, and international relations situations that we have to deal with each and every day. What sets us apart, however, is our unique location, our diversity, and our history.

The World of Wonder is an increasingly important player on the world stage. We lead the way in equality in our military and in modern gun control. We are setting examples for the world everyday. However, it can be hard to stay current with all of our latest news. To make it easier, we can turn to the best Australian news websites on the net.

  • The Australian
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    The Australian is a down under based digital newspaper and website owned by Fox News parent News Corp. The outlet covers a wide variety of issues important to the Australian people. National affairs, business, and technology are a few of the larger, more focused sections from the news source. However, they are also well known for their coverage of social issues like marriage equality in Australia.

  • ABC News
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    The Australian Broadcasting Company, ABC, has long been a high quality source of new radio online and one of the best Australian news websites. ABC News Channel 24 is Australia’s most watched television channel, along with being the number one source for online news programs. Virgina Trioli is one of the most famous ABC newscasters. As the host of ABC News Breakfast she has won two Walkey Awards. She is one of many powerful women on the ABC News anchors list pushing for female equality on the national news scene. If you want great coverage along with a strong female presence, ABC News is likely the best Australian news website and TV station for you.

  • Sky News
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    Sky News is one of the more popular sites for Aussies because of its focus on important political, economic, and international issues. Recently, the source covered the Labor MPs and senators push to regroup following a stunning defeat at the polls. Simultaneously, they covered the chemical weapons issue in Syria, the ongoing struggle between the United States and Bashar Al-Assad, and a bushfire in Winmalee. This dynamism inherent in Sky News is why so many Australians think it is one of the best Australian news websites.

No matter what sort of news you like to stay informed on, there is a source of Australian news to help you do it. The Australian, ABC News, and Sky News all offer different takes on many different stories. Each outlet has a unique flavor that the other lacks. For instance, ABC News has a unique, strong female presence. Whatever your flavor, there is an Australian news website for you.

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