Are You Ready to Seek Out a New Career Opportunity?

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It is a leap of faith.
After more than 20 years in resource classrooms in a public school district, you are making a change. From classroom teacher to speech pathologist to building administrator, your years in the resource rooms throughout the district have been both productive and inspirational. As you watch the families of the oldest students in this program age out of their formal public education options you have agonized over the fact that many of these families will now struggle to find productive choices for their young adult children.
One of the major hurdles in the transition out of public educational options is transportation. For while there are job opportunities and social opportunities for many of these young adults, lack of access to transportation limits many of these options. Your leap of faith involves that transportation issue. Understanding the ins and outs of accessing the funds that are available to these families, you are leaving the public education arena and moving into the transportation business.
With a basic idea and one family van as a starting point, you are planning to start small. You have been exploring the types of business licenses that are available and are exploring those options. You already have a list of 11 families who have asked to be your clients and you are in the process of helping those families understand the process of accessing the funds they need to pay for your planned transportation options, as well as a variety of other services.
You hope this leap is successful, but you know one thing for certain: you are moving from the public education sector to the private sector but you are still helping those who are most in need.
Do You Know How to Obtain a Business License So You Can Meet Your Future Goals?
It may seem unlikely that someone would leave a safe and predictable educational job to strike out on a solo mission to invent a new career, but when you realize that 22 million of the 28 million small businesses in the U.S. are self employed individuals with no additional payroll or employees you begin to understand the bigger picture. Understanding the process behind getting types of business licenses can be the very first step in pursuing your new career goals. In the field of education, for instance, making the move from a public school classroom into the private sector includes understanding the process of getting specific types of business licenses to reach your goals. For while the public education platform provides many opportunities, there will always be those learners who need experiences and offerings beyond the traditional classroom. As you consider the impact that your new business plan might have on the community, consider some of these well known facts about education:

  • 77% of Americans believe education will increase the country’s “ability to compete successfully in the global economy.?
  • 76% of Americans believe education will increase ?the likelihood that young people can get good jobs in the future.?
  • 75% of Americans believe education will make the country’s ?communities safer and better places to live.?
  • College graduates earn an average of 65% more than high school graduates over the course of their careers.

You do not have to be an educator looking for a new way to reach struggling and developing learners to pursue a new business opportunity. Professionals in all careers, in fact, often see niches where they can provide a much needed service or product. For instance, a person with a background in accounting may decide to move outside of a traditional accounting firm and over to offering private services to a specific groups of individuals in need, perhaps families with special needs children or to families who offer their homes to foster children. Although it may take some time and research to understand what types of business licenses are needed for many unique business ventures, many of these options can provide worthwhile and rewarding occupations.
Are you ready to make your leap of faith? Are you ready to have an impact and use your skills to improve the lives of others? Now is the time for you to make the change you have dreamed of.

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