Are you Using the Best Shipping Method for your Business?

Ltl shipping services

Choosing the best shipping service for your business is a big decision. Not only does it impact your bottom line, it also affects your customer service level. If your chosen shipping method is not meeting your shipping speed or care requirements, it could reflect negatively on your business. Also charging customers too high for a shipping cost can affect the business. Consider the following shipping factors when choosing a preferred shipping method for your business.

What type of product are you shipping?
Consider the type of product that you are shipping. Do your customers expect fast shipping? Are they okay with waiting a couple of extra days for shipment? If you are shipping fragile items like glass or potentially harmful contaminants, you will need to take greater care in the type of shipping service that you choose. Not only do your customers want their purchased products to arrive in good shape, but you could also be subject to shipping laws and regulations. LTL freight services generally take place on the ground and might not be the best shipment option for a product that will go bad in just a day or two.

Where are you shipping your product?
Where you are shipping your product will also be an important decision factor. If the majority of your customers are nearby, it might be best to go with a local shipping company or LTL freight services company. LTL freight rates are going to be more cost efficient for closer orders that are not across state lines. Additionally, it is easier to ship less than truckload full orders locally. If you are shipping to other states within the country, you have a variety of shipping options. However, if you are shipping across country lines, especially overseas, you will need a speedier and more efficient type of shipping.

Expedited international shipping services get your product, whether it is through LTL freight services or another shipping method, to your customer in a timely manner. Shipping distances are getting larger and larger with internet shopping abilities. In 2013, trucking transported about 15 billion tons of cargo. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that by 2040, that number is estimated to increase to 18.79 billion tons. Currently, the LTL freight services market is estimated at approximately $35 billion. When you ship international items, it can get costly. The business owner usually has to make the decision whether to cover the costs of international shipping or to pass it on to the buyer.

How much product are you shipping?
Businesses that ship a large volume of product can generally get better shipping rates. For one thing, if you are able to regularly fill the truck, you can control the destination and the speed of the delivery. Additionally, expedited trucking services are more likely to value your business and you can negotiate discounts on shipping. In return, you can pass these shipping savings onto your customers, thus increasing the overall customer satisfaction of the business.

To qualify for shipping discounts, you do not necessarily have to ship a large volume. You could also ship a large value of the product. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the value of freight moved is expected to increase from $882 per ton to in 2007 to $1,377 per ton in 2040. Although aerospace logistics are continually improving the overall efficiency of shipping, shipping businesses value larger valued orders.

Shipping is a billion dollar industry all over the world. With the emergence of the internet, we are now connected to retailers all over the world. The choice of your shipping provider can make or break or business. It is one of the most important business decisions that you will make. You will want to consider factors such as how much quantity and value you are shipping, the length that you are shipping, and the specific type of items that you are shipping.

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