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Why Your Charitable Donations Matter

If you’re looking to make a charitable donation in the near future, you should consider donating your old clothing. After all, the value of charitable donations is high in general, but the value of the typical clothing donation is much higher than you might realize. For one thing, it’s a donation that just about everyone can give – even those who might not have the resources to give any kind of monetary amount. After all, the data that has been gathered on the subject is more than in support of this claim. This data shows that just over the course […]

Should You Hire a Remediation Contractor?

Every year nearly 16,000 chemical spills occur from trains, trucks and storage tanks when materials are being transferred. Those materials can be hazardous to the environment and spills should never be taken lightly. There are many private and public concerns that includes quite a few regulations and risks below and above ground. An environmental remediation contractor can assist with the problems attributed to hazardous spills, as well as many other predicaments. What Industries Should Hire a Remediation Contractor? There are many industries that have processes, or hazardous spills, that could affect the environment negatively. That’s not something you want to […]

Here are the Steps You Need to Take When Donating Used Clothing

There are unfortunately too many clothes being thrown away each year. It’s estimated that the average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. This adds up to millions of pounds of clothing and other textiles that are thrown away and sent to the landfill each year. Instead of throwing these things away, consider making clothes donations to a charitable organization that will accept them. Many of these places use these donations for helping families in need. This article will take a look at several steps you will need to take if and when […]

Various Shipping Services And The Growth Of The Transportation Industry Here In The United States

If you’re looking to get something shipped to your door, you’re in luck. After all, e-commerce has been on the rise for the last few years – and quite considerably so, for that matter. As a matter of fact, the e-commerce industry of the United States alone brings in a yearly revenue of more than $420 billion. From this point, things are only projected to climb and climb, making e-commerce a more than viable industry all throughout this country. And it only makes sense that this would be the case. After all, online shopping is something that has made life […]

Here are 3 Ways to Donate Used Clothing to Charity

It’s no exaggeration to say that Americans have more clothing per person than they know what to do with. The average American now buys at least twice as many pieces of clothing as they did 20 years ago. This could have something to do with why the average American also throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing, linens, and other textiles each year. Instead of throwing these items away, you should consider making clothes donations to charity. There are many charity foundations that accept donations of clothing, and there are also several ways to have your donations sent in. This […]

6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning Office Relocation

If you expand your business or find a bigger and better business location than the present one, then you may need to move. Also, if your business isn’t profitable, you may need to down-size and move to a smaller office. Whatever the reason behind your office relocation, you’ll need a meticulous plan and lots of time and finances to plan successful office relocation. Failure to plan and provide enough time and resources for your relocation process may lead to failures and losses in time and money. It’s common for many commercial movers to tell you what to do, but it’s […]

Why You Need to Use Temp Recruiting Companies in Your Business

Staffing market in the United States has significantly expanded owing to the large number of companies employing through temp agencies. On an average week staffing companies employ more than 3 million employees on contract and temporary basis. If you’re a human resource manager wondering where to get temporary workers to handle a specific project, you need to contact a temp agency. Here are some of the benefits of working with temp agencies. 1. Saves Time When you are looking for temporary workers, you will use a lot of time trying to advertise vacant positions in your organization. You will also […]

5 Methods of Eliminating PFAS from Contaminated Drinking Water

PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are synthetic compounds used in the manufacture of industrial and consumer products. Most manufacturers release PFAS into the soil, air, and water. The environment has a high concentration of these synthetic chemicals, and their persistence increases the exposure of people to PFAS. Evidence from scientific studies shows that exposure to PFAS beyond certain levels leads to adverse health impacts. As such, there is a need to curb the pollution caused by PFAS released from industrial waste effluents that reach the water sources. Drinking water has the highest potential to expose people to PFAS. An estimated […]

Do You Have the Right Switches for the Job?

Heat exchangers come in three types: counterflow or parallel flow configuration, shell-and-tube configuration and cross-flow configuration. They require the use of the right switches such as neodyne switches. Neo-Dyn offers general purpose, vacuum, sanitary and compact adjustable switches along with many other types of switches. When you require highly-reliable products neodyne switches are a great choice. Trust in ITT Neo Dyn a Leading Switch Manufacturer Neo Dyn has become a top manufacturer for reliable, high-quality switches for use in industrial applications. Their switches are used on a global scale for processes that require adjustable, compact, temperature pressure, vacuum and hazardous […]

What Makes Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment Run?

That water you’re drinking or using to cook might not be clean. Only 3% of the Earth’s water is suitable enough for use today. To provide clean water, many areas are using dissolved air flotation equipment. In almost 20 years, over 50 drinking water treatment systems in North America have used DAFs. Before hitting the ocean, 85% to 95% of pollutants from the water get withdrawn. This equipment is backed some incredible parts doing their job to keep the water clean. Skimmers Skimmers are crucial in shifting waste to its proper disposal area. Most machines come equipped with one of […]