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5 Key Advantages to Mobile Residential Locksmith Services

Although there are many different types of locksmith services, most people don’t even think about them until they experience the embarrassment, frustration, and inconvenience of a lockout. Whether you find yourself locked out of your home or car, becoming familiar with mobile residential locksmith services prior to suffering a lockout and take the edge off one in the event it happens. Mobile residential locksmith services do more than just professional locksmithing, and typically provide a number of other convenient locksmith services and solutions. Check out these advantages to using a mobile residential locksmith services: Fast response

Hiring and Retaining Well Qualified Employees

Are you having difficulty keeping well qualified employees in your workforce? The costs of employee turnover range from 30% to 150% of an employee?s salary. In fact, $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover. There are solutions for this problem if you consider staffing companies to work with you. An employment agency has solutions for staffing your business. They have many qualified persons who are looking for opportunities for employment. More than three million temporary and contract employees work for America?s staffing companies during an average week. Statistics show that 22% of new hires leave their jobs within […]

Making a Difference in Carbide Recycling

What is Tungsten Carbide? It is a chemical compound that combines tungsten and carbon atoms. It comes as a tungsten carbide powder in natural form, but can be pressed in machinery processes to make virtually anything you’re looking for. Today we will teach you a bit about tungsten carbide, from facts you may have never known, to why your scrap carbide is important to us as a scrap carbide recycling company. Everything You Need to Know About Tungsten Carbide Tungsten is used in a variety of products today, which is why we buy your leftover carbide scrap to make all […]

Learn More About the Benefits of Switching to VoIP Business Systems

If your business is searching for communication solutions, you may be interested to learn more about VoIP business systems. Given the amount of time that personnel spend on the phone, it makes sense to explore a variety of options. Since there are different types of business phone systems, it’s important to find the best one to address your needs. Since VoIP technology makes phone systems both flexible and portable, this can assist with streamlining your business communication needs. Do your employees engage in some level of telework? Currently, there are roughly 64 million employees within the United

Why Is Document Shredding Important?

Why Is Document Shredding Important? Document disposal is crucial to keeping confidential information under wraps. As a business owner or an individual, regular paper shredding prevents a paper trail from forming, which in turn reduces the possibility of issues arising from outside sources. These issues can include identity theft and data breaches, which can damage even the most established business. Personal identity theft can ruin lives and hurt families, as the person who was affected may lost personal banking information and money in those particular accounts. Identity Theft And Data Breaches The astonishing statistics of both identity theft and data […]

The Touch and Go of Customer Service

Customers want the ability to have a positive customer service experience from companies and if the customer service experience is less than par for customers, they will become frustrated with the company and possibly leave it, which is costly for the company. The following statistics support this: In the last year, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration that they could not talk to a real person. 91% of unhappy customers will not willingly do business with that company again. Almost 9 out of 10 U.S. consumers say they would pay more to ensure a superior […]

Storage Facilities, Rental Trucks, and More

When you’re in the process of moving or rearranging your home, you may be looking into moving services that you can use to transport your goods from place to place, or self storage for you to retain the items that mean the most to you. Storage is a huge thing nowadays, as many people rent apartment buildings or run out of space in their homes and aren’t sure of where to keep large items or collectibles they care about. As such, there is 2.3 billion square feet of storage space in the U.S. and it’s only growing. In 2015, 90% […]

The Power of Charitable Giving

Helping someone else is always a gratifying experience. It is always a win-win, especially if that person is less fortunate than you are. When you donate clothes, you especially set off a ripple effect that can go around the world, benefitting the environment in the process, as well. Americans alone donate clothes totaling about 4.7 billion pounds to charity organizations a year. They also send about 10.5 million tons of textiles to the landfill every year. This can be improved upon, as only 15 percent of used clothing in America is recycled or donated. Although this amount can be improved […]

Finding the Right Printed Circuit Board Provider Is an Essential Part of the Research and Development Process

Prototype circuit boards are the technology behind many of the gifts that people will be opening this holiday season. From cell phones to tablets and from video games to the latest combination crock pots and pressure cookers, prototype circuit boards provide the technology that we all depend upon. And while we are often focused on the size of the screen that we want for our latest technology of the size of the cooking container for the latest device, the real thing that matters is the technology inside that allows these items to function. In a time when technology seems to […]

Your Electronic Design Guide

As we head into the holiday season, there will be many electronics purchased. Parents will gift their children with the latest mobile phone and tablet devices. Spouses will gift their significant other with musical players. Even grandparents will purchase new desktop computers to keep in touch with their growing grandchildren. Do you know how any of these electronic devices work? Do you know the process that it takes to create an electronic product from the initial idea to the final electronic item? This prototype PCB guide will allow you to learn about the design of your favorite electronic items. The […]