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Is the Grass Really Greener? What You Should Know About Talent Aquisition

The U.S. job market is ever-changing. Staffing, however, has become more of an issue than ever before. 57% of organizations view employee retention as a problem. By the end of June 2015, 2.7 million workers voluntarily left their jobs. This is a 25% increase compared to just two years ago. 35% of CEOs of small and midsize businesses surveyed by Vistage said that staffing is the most significant business issue they currently face. Solution: bring in the human resources and talent acquisition management teams. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hiring decision can […]

Three Principles of Good Web Design

If you’re old enough to drive, then you probably remember the glory days of Geocities and Angelfire websites. In those days, web design was all about adding as much flair as possible to medium that was previously not much more than text on monochromatic backgrounds. Today, good web design is about so much more. Most web design and internet marketing research shows that most web and mobile users prefer simplicity and ease of navigation over complex, flashy websites that are difficult to use. If you’re a web designer, creating your first website, or are interested in small business web design, […]

How to Prevent Illness in Your Workplace

How can you make your office environment better for employees? In a recent survey, researchers discovered that there was a correlation between the number of people taking sick days, and the number of people who had to work together in a single room. Perhaps not surprisingly, working around an increased number of people leads to a greater propensity for viruses to spread. Every year, the effect of sick days and sick employees who come to work anyway costs businesses millions of dollars in productivity. So what can companies do to counteract this effect and get more work out of every […]

Don’t Believe These 3 Myths About Trade Shows

There are 2.2 visitors per 100 square feet of exhibit space at a trade show in the United States. The average visitor spends nine and a half hours viewing exhibits. That is a lot of people spending a lot of time looking at booth after booth, which is why your brand’s exhibit needs to stand out. You may think you know how to play the game, but some companies make mistakes that ultimately cost them money and potential leads. Trade Show Myths Designing is the easy part: You made class presentations in high school, took a couple art classes, you […]

Choosing The Right Signs for Churches

According to The Guardian, a funny mistakes was made last week for a church sign that caused the sign to read, ?Chris is Risen? — instead of Christ. Not surprisingly, the sign was quickly fixed. However, it did give rise to an interesting discussion about the way people view signs. In most cases, people do not view letters individually — it would take too long to read, especially if you are in the process of moving past a scene (whether walking or driving). If you?ve ever seen those posts on Facebook where it?s possible to read the words intended even […]

5 Steps for Better Sling Safety in the Material Handling Industry

The Occupational Health and Safety Organization (OHSA) requires employers to adequately protect their workers. In industries such as the material handling industry, where employees may be working alongside or beneath incredibly heavy loads, the task of keeping people safe can be a challenging one. Too often, slings are used to hold loads above their weight threshold or are allowed to be used when impaired. Poorly maintained or improperly operated equipment is a major cause of workplace injury. Workers who aren’t appropriately trained pose threats to everyone on the job. To keep your workers safe in the manufacturing handling industry, follow […]

3 Suggestions for Cleaning Up Your Gym This Year

Did you know that 70% of American adults report that they would not want to exercise in a gym if it has dirty equipment? Keeping your gym clean is essential, ultimately, to keeping your gym open for business. And in all honesty, gyms are difficult to keep clean. You want them to smell great and look great all the time — but you don?t want to spend exorbitant amounts of money on janitorial services, or have to worry about the effects of chemicals in what is supposed to be a super healthy environment for your clients. So: what exactly can […]

3 Way You Can Improve Your Daycare Management

Did you know that almost 33 million American children are in childcare arrangements? It?s no surprise that childcare is a fairly lucrative field right now. However, as with any lucrative field, there is competition, and the competition is two-fold: daycares need clients, and they also need qualified staff. If you?re running a daycare, you?re going to want to run a tight ship. Although caring for children can be an extremely rewarding experience, there are certain risks involved. You and your employees are responsible for the welfare of other peoples? children. How can you practice better child care management? Here are […]

Save More Lives in a Hospital Using Fire Protection Services

Hospitals are where people go to seek out help, to receive adequate medical care from professionals that they trust to provide them with the ideal care. However, when it comes to being the operator of the hospital, there are specific safeguards that have to be taken to ensure that not only the patients, but all of the hospital staff is kept safe. This means looking into fire protection services that can provide everyone with peace of mind knowing that some sort of fire safety plan is in place. With a look at some statistics, the NFPA states that U.S. Fire […]