Behind The Necessity For Temp Positions And Contract Work In The United States

If you’re wondering how to find a temp position, your options are largely wider than you realize. After all, many people wonder just this, how to find a temp position, and find a great deal of success – and even longterm employment. In fact, as many as three million people are currently working as both temporary and contract employees, thanks to the help of temp agencies that provide access to these temp jobs and answer the question of how to find a temp position.

By why are so many people wondering how to find a temp position? Why has the question of how to find a temp position become more easily answered than ever before by the typical temp service at the typical temp agency all throughout this country? To put it relatively simply: job retention is low, something that is concerning to everyone in the workforce, from employees to employers alike.

In fact, nearly half of all people employed in Human Resources departments say that this, the lack of employee retention, is their number one concern. And it’s a concern that’s unparalleled, followed only by concern over a lack of employee engagement (which just over thirty five percent of human resources professionals site as their top concern regarding employees in their business). As a whole, more than fifty five percent of all organizations things that employee retention is something to be concerned about, and their concern is only likely to grow.

After all, the facts and data that have been gathered on the subject more than support these fears, showing that more than twenty percent of all recently hired employees will actually permanently leave the position after working in it for less than two months (for an average of forty five days). In addition to this, up to sixty percent of all millennials in the workforce are always on the lookout for a new – and better – job, and have even become known as the job hopping generation. Many of them end up wondering how to find a temp position and working through temporary staffing services after leaving a full time position. In fact, many will simply jump from temporary job placement to temporary job placement until they find a job placement that they feel fits them for the long term.

There are likely a number of reasons why this is the case. For starters, many employees feel that they are not supported as they should be in the workforce, with only twenty percent of them saying that their superiors provide them with the encouragement to do their best and a challenge in the workplace. For the remaining eighty percent of workers in this country, this motivating force is often lacking quite completely.

Fortunately, this is a relatively easy change for companies and places of business to make, one that can be implemented in most places of work all throughout the country. Simply instituting some type of employee recognition is likely to make a huge difference. In fact, more than eighty five percent of all companies that do so note a positive change in their employees – often an increase in everything from motivation to productivity to overall happiness and contentedness in the workplace environment.

Increasing the diversity of a workplace can also help employees to thrive there – and has even been found to be likely to increase the overall work performance of most employees as well. The data that has been gathered on the subject more than backs this up, showing that in companies with a good deal of gender diversity, overall performance was up to fifteen percent higher than in companies where gender diversity wasn’t a priority. And racial and ethnic diversity has even more impressive results, with such companies outperforming their less diverse peers by as much as – a truly astounding – thirty five percent.

With so many people wondering how to find a temp job and how to find a temp position, there’s no doubt that employee retention is a problem. However, there are wide variety of solutions that companies can put into play to rectify this problem in the United States.

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