Benefits of Soundproofing Your Office

Working in an office setting can have its challenges. When you work close to other people one of those challenges can be sound. Making important phone calls or focusing on work can become a struggle when there are multiple people consistently making noise near you.

If you’ve never considered a soundproof office or cubicle before, now might be the time to start. There are lots of benefits to soundproofing your work space that will make you a happier and more productive employee. With a phone booth office space you will no longer have to listen to the sounds of keyboard and mouse clicking, talking, coughing, or any other distracting noises.

Increase Your Productivity

All of those extra sounds in your office can be incredibly distracting. It can pull you away from your work and stop you from working to your full potential. With a soundproof booth you can improve your concentration by 48 percent and do away with 51 percent of conversational distractions. This means you can give your work the focus it needs and get more done.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

With a soundproof office booth you can lower your stress levels by 27 percent. If you’re one of those people who is annoyed by certain sounds or hates being pulled away from what you’re trying to focus on, tension can really build for you when you’re surrounded by extra sounds and distractions. A phone booth office space can eliminate those problems for you.

Produce Better Work

You can also expect to see an increase in your performance with an office phone booth. Soundproofing can help eliminate 10 percent of work errors. With the ability to give more of your attention to what you’re doing you’re more likely to produce quality results that will make you and your boss happy!

Ask Your Boss About Getting a Phone Booth Office Space

Talk to your boss and find out if you can build a phone booth office. In fact, see if they would be interested in investing in this type of work space for all of their employees so that productivity and employee happiness can skyrocket! It could be exactly what your office needs to help it reach its full potential.

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